December 21, 2011 - Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA) - Radio Web MACBA
December 21, 2011

Radio Web MACBA

Radio Web MACBA. Go Explore

Please do. Wander around the MACBA collection alongside Deimantas Narkevičius, Esther Ferrer, Ibon Aranberri, Jef Cornelis, Muntadas, Pere Portabella, Armando Andrade Tudela, Rita McBride or The Otolith Group. Discover the links between Lettrism and sound poetry with French curator and composer Frédéric Acquaviva. Test your senses with a psychoacoustic experiment by Florian Hecker. Enjoy our interviews with Franco Berardi, Judith Butler, Seth Siegelaub, Ariella Azoulay, Joaquim Jordà, Donna Haraway, Giovanni Arrighi, Rick Prelinger, Kenneth Goldsmith and many others. Listen to electro-acoustic composer Eduardo Polonio tell the story of how he was arrested during Franco’s dictatorship on suspicion of plotting to plant a bomb at the Eurovision festival (he had merely organised a meeting to share his music with others). Fall in love with Connie Treanor’s voice as she expounds on Mark Fell and Joe Gilmore’s understanding of generative and process music in the twenty-first century, while introducing previously unheard pieces by Laurie Spiegel, Yasunao Tone, EVOL, Marcus Schmickler, Christophe Charles and Ryoji Ikeda. Discover with Felix Kubin the urgency of the Deutsche Kassettentäter, an energetic and apocalyptic trend that exploded the German underground music scene at the end of the seventies sounding radically different to anything that had come before. Discover, thanks to the memories of Catalan composer Josep Maria Mestres Quadreny, that ‘Luigi Nono fought on the front, with the partisans; Stockhausen was a stretcher-bearer, carrying the wounded when he was just fifteen; Xenakis, was captured and sentenced to death.’ Arrive with him at the conclusion that, ‘under those conditions, you cannot write folk music’. Get into the personal collections and obsessions of William Bennett, Mark Gergis, Ed Veenstra, Jonny Trunk and Jason Scott to trace a historiography of sound collecting that reveals the unseen and passionate work of the amateur collector while reconstructing multiple parallel histories such as the evolution of recording formats and archives, the collecting market and the evolution of musical styles beyond the marketplace. Recuperate Juan Muñoz’s previously unheard early recordings where he established links between music and architecture. Travel through the history of contemporary music, tracing the story of sound appropriation from Charles Yves to the twenty-first century and claiming the role of recordings as instruments. Immerse yourself in the work of John Cage exploring his engagement with radio, both as an instrument and as a means of communicating his ideas and disseminating his work. Tune into Fluxradio, a sampler of the Fluxus movement. Re-read the West Coast experimental music scene of the 1980s as if it was a Spaghetti Western, as suggested by Chris Brown. Read essays by Roc Jiménez de Cisneros, Chris Cutler or Tony Myatt and marvel at Llorenç Barber’s graphic notation.

In the last five years all this and more has been produced by Ràdio Web MACBA ( What was born as a way of promoting the activities of the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona has developed into a content-generator for specific projects, focusing on the exploration of sound art, radiophonic art and experimental music within a wider critical context. It is available with just one click, you can listen online or subscribe to its podcasts, and it is completely free.

Radio Web MACBA
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Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA)
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