November 7, 2010 - CAPC Contemporary Art Museum Bordeaux - Previously unpublished resources from the archives
November 7, 2010

Previously unpublished resources from the archives

Previously unpublished resources from the archives

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The CAPC presents previously unpublished resources from the archives:

CAPC, the Bordeaux museum of contemporary art, announces the launch of a new website with previously unpublished resources on the artists. It was imagined not only for updates and information on the museum, but also for browsing through the living memory of the unique experience that has been developed since 1980.

The CAPC boasts a long history of exhibitions and special projects with the major artists of recent decades. Many of them took place in the Nave of the museum. The Documents exhibition programme and website section intends to provide access to visual sources on these projects, to provide scientific content on the artists that the museum has worked with, (since the earliest exhibitions in the 1980s), or is working with at the moment.


The CAPC archives (currently being inventoried) are made up of several collections: photographic (more than 60,000 silver and digital photographs), audiovisual (including about 250 sound recordings of lectures, meetings, discussions, and seminars), 600 video rushes with interviews with artists, lectures, etc.) and thousands of paper documents (exhibition archives, invitations, correspondence, catalogues…).These documents describe the extraordinary vitality of the place from the early 1970s to the present day. Documents is an exhibition programme devised for the museum Library using the archives and then put online on the website.

Le penseur sauvage

The exhibition developed at the museum Library from a selection of the museum archives, Harald Szeemann : le penseur sauvage attested to the successive invitations extended by the CAPC to this extraordinary artworld figure.

Between 1986 and 2002, Harald Szeemann made the most of his various trips to Bordeaux to report on his many experiences as a curator. The hours of recordings kept in the museum archives form the trace from a 1986 lecture and a research seminar organized between 1991 and 1992 illustrating his itinerary from When attitudes become form : live in your head in 1969, to Documenta 5 in Kassel in 1972 and Monte Verità in Ascona en 1978.

Invited as curator by Jean-Louis Froment in 1993, for the museum Nave he came up with the exhibition G.A.S. Grandiose, Ambitieux, Silencieux. The black and white photographic archives of this exhibition (photos Frédéric Delpech) show the different production/creation stages of the works, while colour photographs illustrate the exhibition and the hanging choices typical of Szeemann. A video document taking the form of a filmed portrait, commented by Harald Szeemann helps us to become acquainted with the genesis of the G.A.S. project.

In 2002 he made a last journey to Bordeaux for a lecture-discussion on “The Art Press years” together with Jean Clair and Catherine Millet. The discussion is available online.


In addition to the Documents programme, a History section gives access to the history of the CAPC and its exhibitions, the history of the building, (a former warehouse for colonial goods), the history of the collections along with a few site-specific artworks, with a tribute to a few donors.

The Programme section provides access to documents on upcoming exhibitions, as Robert Breer, The Floats or BigMinis Fetishes of Crisis, or recently Jim Shaw or Heimo Zobernig, with views of the exhibitions, virtual visits, interviews, videos of events, openings and rendez-vous of the cultural programme.

Visitors or professionals can also browse the Collection online: the CAPC is one of the rare museums to provide online access to the whole of its collection. provides in the same time a window on the latest news from the CAPC in Bordeaux: The news on the collection and new acquisitions along with the latest CAPC publications, the current exhibitions, cultural programmes and upcoming meetings reveal the thinking behind the museum’s programme planning, and even help to plan visit to Bordeaux.

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Previously unpublished resources from the archives
CAPC Contemporary Art Museum Bordeaux
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