January 17, 2010 - Public Art Norway (KORO) - Competition for the Stavanger Region’s New Concert Hall
January 17, 2010

Competition for the Stavanger Region’s New Concert Hall

International Pre-Qualifying Competition for the Stavanger Region’s New Concert Hall

Deadline: To be postmarked on or before 1 March



Solo artists and collaborating groups are hereby invited to take part in an international pre-qualifying round for a lighting project in the New Concert Hall in Stavanger, to be completed in 2012.

Stavanger New Concert Hall will be of a high international standard, and be centrally situated, close to other cultural institutions and two new music schools in the Bjergsted Park area of the city.

The building is specially designed for musical events, but will also accommodate many other kinds of event for large and small audiences both in the two performance halls inside, and immediately outside in the large amphitheatre.

Through this pre-qualification, the Art Committee is seeking candidates to take part in a limited competition for a significant indoor art project, where light is an important premise. The defined space is in the centre of the building; in section, starting on the ground floor outside the Multipurpose Hall, it opens up, traversing five floors. This part of the Concert Hall has large glass facades on two sides and a selection of materials that contribute to erasing the division between exterior and interior spaces. This openness is important: the art work will be visible from far away and therefore represent the Hall, as well as being a significant element in the whole entrance area and amphitheatre.

Inside, the art project should be a distinctive feature and contribute favourably to the visitor’s impression upon entering this large public space. It is here that the public will best experience the interior dimensions of the Concert Hall. It is also where audiences will congregate as they progress up and down the stairs. A work of art for this location must have a distinctive character and it must function regardless of the prevailing circumstances, including in daytime or in difficult light conditions.

The pre-qualification presentation should be a maximum of ten A4 pages (on paper, not e-mailed or on CD). The submission should include a presentation of art projects, a CV and practise and relevant experience. The Art Committee also wants to see, in brief, motivation for entering the competition and reason for interest in the project. No ideas or sketches for this project are wanted at this stage.

The overall art plan for the New Concert Hall in Stavanger, and more information on the art projects, are available at: www.koro.no/stavangerkonserthus

These pages will be updated and will show the results of the pre-qualifying round.

There is more information on the concert hall at: www.konserthus.no

Please mark the presentation material “FOYER” and send it to:

New Concert hall in Stavanger IKS
Postboks 8001
4068 Stavanger

Deadline: To be postmarked on or before 1 March 2010.


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