March 1, 2009 - FOUR - Lyndsay Mann
March 1, 2009

Lyndsay Mann

Lyndsay Mann
Photo credit: David Grinly

Lyndsay Mann
5 March – 5 May 2009

Wednesday 4 March 2009 6-9 pm

119 Capel Street,
Dublin 1, Ireland
+353 (01) 872 9315

For her first International solo show, Lyndsay Mann presents an installation of three works held in conspiratorial conversation across a reduced plane of submissive grey walls at FOUR.

In the first room Mann’s film ‘Twenty Four More Hours of Progress…’ shot at Edinburgh’s Dean Bridge, a notorious suicide destination since its completion in 1832, documents a banal activity, (rocks being thrown from a bridge), and it’s inevitable conclusion (hitting the water), creating a hypnotic momentum through repetition and rhythm. Subtle differences within each sequence indicate some possibility of consequence from the repeated action.

The corridor between the two spaces hosts a speaker voicing intimate, strangulated sounds. Mann’s audio work ‘Greater Than’, comprises individual words recorded, edited and reformed into conversational rhythm just beyond comprehension.

In the second room, a sheet of black glass, which appears as a glossy hole in the wall, comes into view, shifting daylight round the room where the viewer is confronted by the first human-scale realisation of one of Mann’s hand-crafted maquettes. The recurring use of black glass in her sculptural installations creates a bond and a tension between the object and it’s other self.

The viewer’s movement across the space forces an excommunication between the object and it’s ‘shadow’. At a fixed point the object fills the shiny void, but seen from elsewhere, stands in a state of heightened solitariness.

‘Peer relationships are based on symmetry, power relationships are based on asymmetry.’

Leland R. Beaumont

With no fidelity to a specific discipline, Lyndsay Mann employs often labour intensive methods alongside repetition, reconfiguration and fragmentation to create a series of self-contained works. Combined through careful installation, these independent entities assert an open space which plays host to a series of ongoing dialogues. Each scenario frames the viewer as an interloper, an interruption to be confronted or absorbed.

Lyndsay Mann studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art, London. She is currently participating in the Stills Gallery artist residency programme in Edinburgh. Last year she completed the International Studio Residency at Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, Dublin and previously spent six months living and working in Berlin. Recent exhibitions include: Supermarket art fair, Stockholm 2009; Lyndsay Mann & Ewan Robertston, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop 2008; SURVEY, Royal Scottish Academy 2007.

FOUR is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and Dublin City Council.

119 Capel Street,
Dublin 1, Ireland
+353 (01) 872 9315

Opening: Wednesday 4 March 2009 6-9 pm
Exhibition continues from 5 March – 5 May 2009

Opening Hours: Tuesday: 11 am to 5 pm, Wednesday: 11 am to 5 pm, Thursday: 11 am to 7 pm, Friday: 11 am to 5 pm & Saturday: 12 to 5 pm


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