October 23, 2008 - Turps Banana - Issue 5 Out Now
October 23, 2008

Issue 5 Out Now


Turps Banana Issue 5 Out Now


Just obsessive, self absorbed, deluded, lonely, dirty, penniless, alcoholic painters discussing what they love most. Turps Banana is the only painting magazine written exclusively by painters.

In issue 5:

David Austen asks if it’s true whether Enzo Cucchi gets away with flouting Italian law by smoking in the capitals’ restaurants in his film essay, ‘Man Smoking’, followed Martin Westwood’s essay on David Austen’s work.

State side and exiled: Turps Banana lifts the curtain on the enduring power of John Walker, and Andy Holden gets to grips with the relationship between psychoanalysis and painting in his interview with the British abstract painter Alan Davie.

Merlin James examines parallels between Wittgenstein and Andre Dérain.

Martin Constable explores the influence of classical painting on George Lucas’ digital re-mastering of Star Wars.

Toon time. Gerald Hemsworth’s new works reflected on by his long-standing associate Michael Stubbs.

A year of paintings – Dan Hays engages with Fugue, a collective series of over 200 small watercolours by Roderick Harris. And by counterpoint, Marc Hulson exposes Dan Hays’ ‘excuse’ for painting and the influence of digital photography in his work.

The exclusive Turps Banana Cartoon is a radical new work by The Chapmans.

And Turps introduces the emerging talents of Jeremy Butler and Julian Wakelin.

As ever, an issue filled with the most divergent practices both in London and worldwide.

ISSUE 5 IS NOW AVAILABLE from major art publication retailers, and by subscription with a 10% discount off the cover price from www.turpsbanana.com.

Turps Banana is a revolutionary new art magazine. This full colour magazine concentrates exclusively on painting and is written by practicing painters. Uniquely the editorial remit carries a no advertising policy so there is no distraction from the ranging debate about contemporary painting.

Turps Banana, 45 Coronet Street, London N1 6HD | Editors Marcus Harvey and Peter Jones

Turps Banana
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