September 27, 2008 - Sense of Architecture - Rethinking the “infinite potentialities”
September 27, 2008

Rethinking the “infinite potentialities”

Rethinking the “infinite potentialities”.
In Homage to Luigi Nono
Curator – Designer Team:
Charlotte Pöchhacker and Alexander Kada
Exhibition: September 12 – October 31, 2008

Small Academy,
Unsuspected of Subversion

Public Lecture program
October 10 – October 15, 2008

SENSE OF ARCHITECTURE. Rethinking the Infinite Potentialities. In Homage to Luigi Nono has been selected by Aaron Betsky, director of the 11th International Architecture Exhibition. La Biennale di Venezia. In response to the Biennial´s overall theme of “Out There. Architecture beyond Building”, Charlotte Pöchhacker and Alexander Kada propose with SENSE OF ARCHITECTURE a project that sets out “to awaken the ear, the eyes, human thinking, intelligence to hear different sounds, other ideas, without always wanting to rediscover one´s own mechanisms” (L.Nono)

Architects, musicians, acoustics experts, architecture and music theoreticians and philosophers are invited to discuss the potential of new spaces. Nuria Schoenberg Nono, Alvise Vidolin, Marcos Novak, Beat Furrer, Yasuhisa Toyota, Kathrin List, Pietro Valle, Marco Stroppa, Zakiah Omar, Volker Giencke, Stefan Litwin, Werner Jauk, Marion Wicher, Lawrence Wallen, Marc Mer, Kilian Kada, Gianmario Borio, Markus Pernthaler, Marco Bonsi, Elfriede Moschitz, Klaus Hohbom, Ortlos Architects among others discuss New Spaces in Music / Sound Spaces in Future / Architecture, Music and Acoustics: Manifold Interactions / Spatial Acoustics: Subjective Perception vs. Technology / Architecture as Acoustic Body / Performative Spaces / Listening to Other Spaces / Sensing Realities in Soundspaces.

The backdrop for this academy is Prometheo. A Tragedy of Listening by Luigi Nono whose philosophical approach and search for new spaces, new sounds, new experiences play a decisive role.

In reference to the aesthetic approach, according to which perception is regarded as the proto-political aspect of human life, and the change in the form of perception, the shattering of traditional patterns of perception as the essential political process in artistic and architectural creation, SENSE OF ARCHITECT URE in Venice focuses specifically on the perception of different spaces (the space of sound, film, discourse, performance, architecture ) and on the associated experimental dispositifs.

The SENSE OF ARCHITECTURE exhibition unfolds Heinz Emigholz’s two-dimensional image worlds, the film studies of architectonic structures and objects in an expansive, spatial arrangement as a visual atlas in three-dimensional space. The exhibition display is conceived as an”instrument of spatial perception” and forms the interface between the two-dimensional images and the three-dimensional space.

Multiple projections are presented in a specific architectural display by designer Alexander Kada.

In a subtle interplay of the projection bodies and their transparent surfaces, there evolves a myriad of perspectives, through-views and visual references in the real exhibition space and between the projected and reflected image spaces. The visitor becomes part of the spatial construction, only his movement through the exhibition dispositif reveals the complex references of the composition(s) of the exhibition space and the image space.

SENSE OF ARCHITECTURE is an experimental lab that takes a multidisciplinary approach to exploring the various aspects of architecture (cultural, philosophical, ethical, aesthetic). The architecture of SENSE OF ARCHITECTURE is open in conception and manifests itself in different formats depending on the particular context (exhibition / concerts / design laboratories / think-tanks / performance and interventions).

Since 1993 Charlotte Pöchhacker is artistic director of ARTIMAGE CONTEMPORARY informe.

Exhibition Design
Alexander Kada is the Principal of Kadadesign (Graz/Wien) with Offices in Graz since 1995 and Vienna since 2003 and international operation in Denmark and Italy.

Filmdirection and Photography
Heinz Emigholz looks back on numerous exhibitions, retrospectives, lectures and publications worldwide as a Filmmaker, visual artist, author and publisher.

Contact press & communication:
Herrengasse 9, 8010 Graz, Austria
tel: 0043 664 2663358

The project is funded by the Cultural Department of the Styrian Government.


Sense of Architecture
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