September 12, 2008 - Brandts - Museum of Art and Visual Culture - Kunsthallen Brandts presents Body Berserk
September 12, 2008

Kunsthallen Brandts presents Body Berserk

Pipilotti Rist: Pickel Porno, 1992.

Body Berserk
Five international video artists show works focusing on the body

September 12 – January 11, 2009

Brandts Torv 1

DK-5000 Odense C

… A young woman moves around in a dress made of raspberries. The berries slide down her body that slowly becomes more and more naked in the colour of the red juice…

… A muscular and light younger man who obliviously is running from somewhere or somebody meets another young man – a masculine truck driver …

… Lips flow towards nipples that become eyelashes that transforms into lips and breathing, thighs …

- This is the description of the action in three of the videos in the exhibition.

From identity to erotica
Kunsthallen Brandts has selected five videos that discuss the body. Themes like identity, sexuality, erotica, masculinity, and femininity are being investigated in five thought-provoking videos.

Participating artists:
John Bock (DE), Lilibeth Cuenca (DK), Cecilie Dahl (NO), Jesper Just (DK), and Pipilotti Rist (CH)

Stupid Studio has made an electronic catalogue
The animation studio Stupid Studio has modified the traditional paper catalogue in an electronic edition. Go to www.brandts/ for stills and sequences from the videos. FREE DOWNLOAD: For additional text material please download texts by MA Tina Raun and curator assistant Sara Gjøde. The electronic catalogue will be available to browse from September 3, 2008.

Body Berserk in collaboration with 13 other exhibitions
Kunsthallen Brandts shows the exhibition Body Berserk in collaboration with a number of other cultural institutions in Denmark, that in 2008 will show exhibitions focusing on thoughts and images of body, beauty, and health in the time between 1890-1940 especially. Go to for more information. As a contemporary art exhibition Body Berserk distinguish matter differently.

Contemporary fanatical obsession of the perfect body and with the unproblematic life in the countryside are wide spread myths of today’s culture. This draws parallel to vitalism’s celebration of the healthy body in the 1890ies, and correlating man’s cultivation and conquers of nature throughout the 20. Century. In this the concept of the exhibition points out topical issues and tendencies in contemporary life – this is the reality distinguished most among young artists of today.

The opening of the exhibition at Kunsthallen Brandts is September 11, at 5 pm and will continue at Funen Art Museum at 7pm. The Deputy Mayor of the Department of Culture and Urban Development Anker Boye will open the exhibition.
Body Berserk will be open to the public September 12 – January 11, 2009.

For further information
Please contact curator Anna Krogh. Mail:,
Phone: +45 6520 7015/ +45 2753 7015
Or PR-manager Trine Søndergaard., Phone: +45 6520 7092
For press releases and pictures go to

The Exhibition is supportet by Odense Kommune, By- og Kulturforvaltningen.

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