April 22, 2021 - DAS ESSZIMMER – space for art+ - 2021 exhibitions program
April 22, 2021

DAS ESSZIMMER – space for art+

2021 exhibitions program

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Our 2021 exhibition year is not an explicit reaction to the pandemic, because a lot was already being considered one to two years ago. The situationally shifted reception illuminates the works of the upcoming solo exhibitions with a harder light that makes their topicality and relevance appear even clearer.

Hillside Projects (Emily Berry Mennerdahl & Jonas Böttern)
Memorial for the Lost
April 12–June 5, 2021

The solo show of Hillside Projects (Stockholm, Sweden) revolves around their video Memorial for the Lost (2020), which places death and loss at its center, but at the same time wishes to demonstrate humankind’s ability to learn and heal wounds. They focus on those who are often forgotten, the 17,000–100,000 species that die out every year due to human behavior, and ask, how do we mourn the loss of these species and could they teach us to value the life of the remaining better?

Ms. Nina Katarina Karlsson, embassy counselor for cultural issues at the Swedish Embassy in Berlin opened the exhibition on April 15, 2021. See livestream.

The exhibition is supported by: Art Foundation of the Sparkasse in Bonn / Sparkassen-Kulturstiftung Rheinland / Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse / Konstakademien, Stockholm/SE / Swedish Embassy in Berlin

Jonas Hohnke
to the other side
June 24–September 4, 2021

The everyday, normal, unexcited, and overlooked is the world of Jonas Hohnke (Wuppertal, Germany), or at least the starting point for his mostly installation-based, space-related works. In his solo show to the other side, he tries to restore what we have currently lost in everyday life in a variety of ways, namely the opportunity to travel and to feel connected to others and other places. The exhibition project takes place simultaneously in Bonn, Germany and Melbourne, Australia. For the Australian part, we collaborate with Michael Graeve, artist and lecturer at RMIT University, Melbourne.

Jolijn van den Heuvel and Tyrell Kuipers
sprinkle never-in-a-rush essence

September 24–December 18, 2021

This exhibition project is the continuation of our extremely successful collaboration with SEA Foundation (Tilburg, the Netherlands) in previous years. With Jolijn van den Heuvel and Tyrell Kuipers (both born in 1994), we have the opportunity to present two artists from the Netherlands who represent a young generation. They work as solo artists, as a duo and regularly curate pop-up exhibitions with other artists in the frame of their art initiative ZUIVER.

The personal and often poetic works of Jolijn van den Heuvel are an expression of her careful observations of the world around her. Being on the move is an important part of her multimedia practice. Tyrell Kuipers combines the banal with the aesthetic—preferably in one and the same object. It also happens again and again that the art object becomes a product.

They will develop their exhibition during a residency onsite.

March 26–December 31, 2021

”Art goes where you see it and where there is space ...”

The art project PASSAGE uses the temporary vacancy in a shopping mall, in the center of Bonn, and turns it into a pop-up exhibition space that enables art experiences independent of opening times and contact regulations. The project is initiated by SZALCprojects and DAS ESSZIMMER and joins forces with other local and regional acting art institutions and initiatives. The program will be developed continuously, and the artist list is preliminary:

Gabriele Horndasch (Germany) / Camenisch/Vetsch (Switzerland) / Peter Kohl (Austria) / Hillside Projects (Sweden) / Jonas Hohnke (Germany) / Peter Szalc (Germany) / Sibylle Feucht (Germany and Switzerland) / Jolijn van den Heuvel (The Netherlands) / Tyrell Kuipers (The Netherlands) / Thomas Metz (Germany) / Wolfgang Hambrecht (Germany) / Sabine Metzger (Germany) / Bernard Mandeville (France) / Doris Schmid (Germany and Switzerland) / Ingrid Roscheck (Germany) / Rainer Barzen (Germany)

The project is supported by:
NEUSTART Kultur / Stiftung Kunstfonds

DAS ESSZIMMER – space for art+
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