June 2, 2021 - Graham Foundation - 2021 grants to individuals
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June 2, 2021
June 2, 2021

Graham Foundation

Atelier Masomi and Studio Chahar, “Hikma” Religious and Secular Complex in Dandaji, Niger, 2018. From the 2021 individual grant to Adil Dalbai and Livingstone Mukasa for Africa Architecture Network. Courtesy of Atelier Masomi. Photo: James Wang. 

2021 grants to individuals

Graham Foundation
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The Graham Foundation is pleased to announce the award of 71 new grants to individuals exploring innovative design ideas that expand contemporary understanding of architecture. Selected from an open call that resulted in nearly 700 submissions, the funded projects include research, exhibitions, publications, films, podcasts, digital initiatives, and other inventive formats that promote rigorous scholarship, stimulate experimentation, and foster critical discourse in architecture. The funded projects are led by 113 individuals, including established and emerging architects, artists, curators, filmmakers, historians, and photographers, based in cities such as Ahmedabad, India; Milan, Italy; Mexico City, Mexico; Durban, South Africa; and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The new grantees join a worldwide network of individuals and organizations that the Graham Foundation has supported over the past 65 years. In that time, the Foundation has awarded more than 41 million dollars in direct support to over 4,800 projects by individuals and organizations.  

Learn more about each project by clicking the links below to explore a dedicated project page on our website.

Exhibitions and public programs

Juliana Rowen Barton, Michelle Millar Fisher, Zoë Greggs, Gabriella Nelson, and Amber Winick (Croton on Hudson, NY; Edgartown, MA; Philadelphia; and Providence, RI)
Designing Motherhood: Things That Make and Break Our Births

Marissa Lee Benedict, Daniel de Paula, and David Rueter (Amsterdam and Ann Arbor, MI)

Parsons & Charlesworth: Jessica Charlesworth and Tim Parsons (Chicago)
Catalog for the Post-Human

Stanley Cho, Elisa Iturbe, and Alican Taylan (New York)
Confronting Carbon Form

Gabriel Cira and James Heard (Cambridge and Somerville, MA)
The Architects Collaborative 1945–1995: Tracing a Diffuse Architectural Authorship

Felecia Davis, Marcella Del Signore, Sheryl Tucker de Vazquez, and William D. Williams (Cincinnati, OH; Houston; New York; and University Park, PA)
Hair Salon: Translating Black Hair Practices for Architecture Using Computational Methods

Kevin Hernandez-Rosa, Nicholas Serrambana, Arien Wilkerson, and Marisa Williamson (New Haven, CT; Philadelphia; and South Orange, NJ)

Sean Lally (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Shaped Touches

Farzin Lotfi-Jam and Mark Wasiuta (New York)
The Machine at the Heart of Man: Doxiadis’ Informational Modernism

Vernelle A. A. Noel (Gainesville, FL)
Design and Making in the Trinidad Carnival: Histories, Re-imaginations, and Speculations of Computational Design Futures

Constance Owl (Palo Alto, CA)
ᎠᏂᎩᏚᏩᎩ / Anigaduwagi / People of Creator’s Land

Elisa Silva (Caracas, Venezuela)
Nothing Out of the Ordinary: a space for the arts, celebration, acknowledgement and sancocho in the barrio La Palomera

Kelly Walters (New York)
With a Cast of Colored Stars

Film, video, and new media projects

Can Altay (Istanbul)
Ahali Conversations with Can Altay: A Podcast on the Future of Cultural Production and its Spaces (Season 3)

Adil Dalbai and Livingstone Mukasa (Berlin and Rensselaer, NY)
Africa Architecture Network

Russel Hlongwane and Sumayya Vally (Durban and Pretoria, South Africa)
Amaxiwa | Embodied Archives

Brockett Horne, Briar Levit, and Louise Sandhaus (Baltimore; Ojai, CA; and Portland, OR)
The People’s Graphic Design Archive

David Huber (Urbana, IL)
Entangled: Shorelines

John Lin (Hong Kong)
Renovation Toolbox: A guided tour of innovative houses by self-builders in rural China

Sharon Lockhart (Los Angeles)

Jamila Moore Pewu (Fullerton, CA)
Art of the Matter

Regner Ramos and Kleanthis Kyriakou (London and San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Coloso: A Factory of Queer, Digital Monuments for Puerto Rico

Fred Scharmen (Baltimore)
How to Make and Un-Make a World; an Incomplete Catalog of Questions and Answers


Noam Andrews (Ghent, Belgium)
The Polyhedrists: Art and Geometry in the Long Sixteenth Century

Pierre Bélanger and Pablo Escudero (Cambridge, MA and Quito, Ecuador)
The Quino Treaty: Renewing Territorial Relations with the Cinchona Plant at the Center of the World by Decolonizing Quinine and the Global Discourse on Conservation

Nana Biamah-Ofosu, Mark El-khatib, and Bushra Mohamed (London)
The Course of Empire: A Compound House Typology

Stefano Boeri Architetti: Stefano Boeri, Fiamma Invernizzi, Maria Lucrezia de Marco, Simone Marchetti, Sofia Paoli, Maria Chiara Pastore, Luis Pimentel, and Livia Shamir (Milan)
Green Obsession

Susan Buck-Morss, Kevin McCaughey, and Adam Michaels (Ithaca and Ridgewood, NY; Los Angeles)
Architectures of Thought: Imagining Philosophy / Not Philosophizing Images

Susana Caló and Godofredo Pereira (London)
CERFI: Militant Analysis, Institutional Programming and Collective Equipment

Anthony Carfello (Los Angeles)
La città capitalista (The Capitalist City)

Katherine L. Carroll (Delmar, NY)
Building Schools, Making Doctors: Architecture and the Modern American Physician

Peter H. Christensen (Rochester, NY)
Materialized: German Steel in Global Ecology

Patricio del Real (Cambridge, MA)
Constructing Latin America: Architecture, Politics, and Race at the Museum of Modern Art

Gareth Doherty (Cambridge, MA)
Landscape Fieldwork

Giulia Foscari (Hamburg, Germany)
Antarctic Resolution

Pedro Gadanho (Lisbon)
Climax Change! Architecture’s Paradigm Shift After the Ecological Crisis

Kersten Geers, Stefano Graziani, Joris Kritis, and Jelena Pancevac (Brussels; Paris; and Trieste, Italy)
The Urban Fact: A Reference Book on Aldo Rossi

Vanessa Grossman (Delft, the Netherlands)
A Concrete Alliance: Communism and Modern Architecture in Postwar France

Marisa Morán Jahn and Rafi Segal (Brookline, MA and New York)
What is Ours: Art and Architecture Towards Mutualism

Tim Johnson (Marfa, TX)
Al Rio/To the River

Steffen Kunkel (Wiesthal, Germany)
Gottfried Böhm and the Pilgrimage Church Mary, Queen of Peace

Paulo Moreira (Porto, Portugal)
Critical Neighborhoods: The Architecture of Contested Communities

Adriana Salazar (Mexico City)
Water Spells

David Schalliol (Minneapolis, MN)
Social Landscapes

Mindy Seu (New York)
Cyberfeminism Catalog

Pier Paolo Tamburelli (Milan)
On Bramante: Forty-three Theses

Marc Treib (Berkeley, CA)
The Aesthetics of Contemporary Planting Design

Research projects

Anahi Alviso-Marino and Neïl Beloufa (Paris)
Monument Stories: Cities of the Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula through Monument Biographies

Adjoa Armah (Cape Coast, Ghana and London)
In our language the word for the sea means “the spirit that returns”

Shantel Blakely (St. Louis, MO)
Charles E. Fleming, Architect

Jerald “Coop” Cooper (Cincinnati, OH)
Architectures of Abolition

Felicia Francine Dean (Knoxville, TN)
Perception of Misconceptions: Intersecting Stone and Fabric Material Identities

Farhana Ferdous (Washington, DC)
The (pathogenic)-CITY: A Segregated Landscape of Urbanization, Urbanicity, and Wellbeing in American Landscape (the 1900s to present)

Gabriel Fuentes (Union, NJ)
White Gold / Black Energy: Architecture, Sugar, and Oil During Revolutionary Cuba’s Gray Period

Meredith J. Gaglio (Baton Rouge, LA)
Life Arks: Science, Spirituality, and Survival in the Work of the New Alchemy Institute

James Graham (Alameda, CA)
The Household Modernism of Paulette Bernège

Sara Jacobs (Vancouver)
Landscapes of Racial Formation: Warren Manning in Atlanta, Georgia and Birmingham, Alabama

Ishita Jain and Ankita Trivedi (Ahmedabad and Sonipat, India)
Sites of Indie-Futurisms: Traditional Board Games of India

Theodore S. Jojola and Lynn Paxson (Albuquerque, NM and Ames, IA)
Contemporary Indigenous Architecture–The Pueblo Worldview

Ladi’Sasha Jones (New York)
Black Interior Spatial Thought

Elizabeth M. Keslacy (Oxford, OH)
Concrete Leisure: Design and Public Space in the Wake of Urban Renewal

Wanda Katja Liebermann (Oakland Park, FL)
Architecture’s Problem with Disability

Thandi Loewenson (London)
Lumumba in Space: African Space Programs and the Project of Liberation

Joanna Merwood-Salisbury (Wellington, New Zealand)
Veblen’s Chicago: The Urban Origins of the Leisure Class

Joe Namy (London)
Songs for a Set

Enrique Ramirez (New York)
Lines of Least Resistance: Architecture, Aeronautics, and Other Airs of Modernity

T. F. Tierney (Berkeley, CA)
Racializing Risk: The History of Ladera Housing Cooperative

Nick Tobier (Ann Arbor, MI)
Small(er) Building Types

Amanda Russhell Wallace (New London, CT)
The East Texas Oilfield as an Architecture of Memento Mori

Charisse Pearlina Weston (New York)
(Riot) Through: The Fold, The Shatter

Kiyan Williams (New York)
Unearthing: Toward a Black Feminist Ecology in Contemporary Earth Art

Upcoming grant application deadlines
2022 grants to individuals: application available July 15, due September 15, 2021
2022 Carter Manny award: application available September 15, due November 15, 2021

For more information about the Graham Foundation’s grants, and to learn if your project is eligible for funding, visit grahamfoundation.org.

About the Graham Foundation
Founded in 1956, the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts fosters the development and exchange of diverse and challenging ideas about architecture and its role in the arts, culture, and society. For updates on our programming and grantees, join our mailing list

Graham Foundation
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