June 18, 2008 - SITE Santa Fe - Lucky Number Seven
June 18, 2008

Lucky Number Seven

SITE Santa Fe Presents
Seventh International Biennial
Lucky Number Seven

June 22, 2008 – January 4, 2009

Extended Through
January 4, 2009


Process, experimentation, and collaboration are the hallmarks of Lucky Number Seven, SITE Santa Fe’s Seventh International Biennial, opening on Sunday, June 22, 2008. Curated by Lance M. Fung, the exhibition features 25 artists creating 18 site-specific installations, all commissioned by SITE Santa Fe. These artists were nominated by 18 institutions from 16 different countries around the globe. The artists featured in this Biennial are all emerging practitioners, ranging in age from their twenties through their sixties.

The energy and creative activity that has transpired has altered the overall plan for the exhibition. Laura Heon, SITE Phillips Director announced today, “The preparations were so intense and the energy so contagious that we were all inspired to maximize the experience by extending the exhibition through January 4, 2009.”

All of the works for Lucky Number Seven are site-inspired commissions that will not exist as works of art, per se, beyond the exhibition, with the majority of the materials being recycled back into the community. This element emphasizes temporality and process, and provides the artists with the opportunity to push their practices into new directions. The advantage of such a framework is that it allows for experimentation and play, and is not dependent on the forces of the market.

Exhibition designers Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects responded to Fung’s initial idea of physically changing the perspective of the viewer. Williams and Tsien’s monolithic sculpture, or architectural intervention, comprises a series of ramps and mezzanines that intersect SITE’s interior space forming incongruous corridors and gallery spaces with and around which the artists have interacted.

The project is all about collaboration on the local level as well. Fung states, “A crucial aspect of Lucky Number Seven is its engagement with local people, and, we are pleased that a broad range of the city’s cultural institutions will partner with SITE.” In addition to the15 local partnering institutions, Lucky Number Seven has also engaged 33 student interns, and a team of almost 75 local volunteers.

Lucky Number Seven Artists
1. Martí Anson b. 1967 in Mataró, Spain; Lives/works in Barcelona

2. Erick Beltrán b. 1974 in Mexico City; Lives/works in Barcelona and Mexico City

3. Luchezar Boyadjiev b. 1957 in Sofia, Bulgaria; Lives/works in Sofia

4. Michal Budny b. 1976 in Leszno, Poland; Lives/works in Warsaw

5. Ricarda Denzer b. 1967 in Kirn, Germany; Lives/works in Vienna

6. Hiroshi Fuji b. 1960 in Kagoshima, Japan; Lives/works in Fukuoka

7. Fabien Giraud b. 1980 in France; Lives/works in Paris

8. Piero Golia b. 1974 in Naples, Italy; Lives/works in Los Angeles

9. Soun Hong b. 1959 in Seoul, Korea; Lives/works in Seoul

10. Scott Lyall b. 1964 in Toronto, Ontario; Lives/works in Toronto

11. Nick Mangan b. 1979 in Geelong, Victoria, Australia; Lives/works in Berlin

12. Eliza Naranjo Morse b. 1980 in Española, New Mexico; Lives/works in Santa Fe

13. Nora Naranjo Morse b. 1953 in Española, New Mexico; Lives/works in Española

14. Ahmet Öğüt b. 1981 in Diyarbakir, Turkey; Lives/works in Amsterdam

15. Shi Qing b. 1969 in Inner Mongolia, China; Lives/works in Beijing

16. Mandla Reuter b. 1975 in Nqutu, South Africa; Lives/works in Berlin

17. Nadine Robinson b. 1968 in London, England; Lives/works in New York City

18. Zbigniew Rogalski b. 1974 in Dąbrowa Białostocka; Lives/ works in Warsaw

19. Wael Shawky b. 1971 in Alexandria, Egypt; Lives/works in Alexandria

20. Raphaël Siboni b. 1981 in France; Lives/works in Paris

21. Rose B. Simpson b. 1983 in Santa Fe, New Mexico; Lives/works at Santa Clara Pueblo

22. Studio Azzurro Located in Milan, Italy


Anne Wrinkle, Director of External Affairs
Tel. 505.989.1199 x 22; fax 989.1188
wrinkle@sitesantafe.org, www.sitesantafe.org

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