November 14, 2007 - Insa Art Space of the Arts Council Korea - Tongue, Liberated!
November 14, 2007

Tongue, Liberated!

“2007 Issue Fighters:
Tongue, Liberated!”

Nov 23, 2007 – Dec 23, 2007

90 Wonseo-dong, Jongno-gu,
Seoul, Korea, 110-280
tel. 82 2 760 4728, fax. 82 2 760 4725

Contact: Heejin Kim, hjk [​at​] or ias [​at​]

Joseph Beuys
Nicoline van Harskamp
Keiko Sei
Kiwan Seong, Su-hwan Choi, Bo-jun Shim & 20 Other Poets
voiceoverhead (Achim Lengerer & Dani Gal):
featuring Akin Fernandez, Holly Ward, C. M. von Hausswolff / Friedrich Jürgenson

voiceoverhead live, 5 PM, Nov 23
Achim Lengerer, “X-lecture (re-adjusted),” 5 PM, Nov 24
Keiko Sei, “Voice in Art Work,” 5 PM, Dec 12
Kiwan Seong & Poets, “So-rry Pa-rry, sorry party, sorri party, ssound party, soi party,” 8 – 10 PM, Dec 14

“Issue Fighters” is an annual project that Insa Art Space (IAS) designs as an agenda-specific program. “Tongue, Liberated!”, the project for the year 2007 focuses on ‘speech act’ as it intends to be in tandem with “sound,” which is this year’s IAS curatorial theme. This project illuminates speech as a performance and examines the ways in which speeches are constructed and conveyed as public utterance in the interface with the public. As the contemporary art practices step beyond the realm of art to meet with the public, relationship building based on dialogue and communication is surfacing as the major process of artists’ work. Dialogue, in this sense, can be understood as speech act–sophisticated and purposeful political act carried out in a format of everyday conversation. Those who featured in this project include a wide spectrum of professionals such as artists, activists, poets, performance artists, and curators engaged in the experiment of various speech act formats including conversation, speech, lecture, public reading, recital, theatrical reading and performance.

“The Art of Listening”
Nov. 5 – Dec. 15, 2007

IAS further expands its activities on sound, performances and text works by carrying out case studies on creative collaborations of visual art with other art genres. The workshop explores sound that is available in our everyday lives but has not been truly recognized. It induces participants to hear subtle sound that comes from human body, buildings and the earth, and suggests them to find the cultural, political and social significances of such sound.

Workshop, “A Little Bit”
Byungjun Kwon
Nov. 5 – 17, 2007
Performance : 5 PM, Nov. 17

Workshop, “Sound, Architecture, and Environment,”
Mark Bain
Nov. 12 – 17, 2007
Artist’s Talk : 4 PM, Nov.10

Workshop, “Hearing Perspective: Think with Your Ears”
O+A (Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger)
Dec.10 – 15, 2007
Artists’ Talk : 2 PM, Dec.15, 2007

“Dongducheon : A Walk to Remember, A Walk to Envision”
Dec. 1, 2007 – Feb. 24, 2008
Public Panel Discussion : 3 PM, Dec. 1, 2007
IAS also presents a project, “Dongducheon: A Walk to Remember, A Walk to Envision” in New Museum of Contemporary Art as one of four partner institutions invited to a program, “Museum as HUB,” which is an inter-institutional collaborative project conceived by New Museum. In the inaugural two-year cycle, Hub partner organizations address the topic of “neighborhood” as it relates to specific aspects of the local region in which they are located, culminating in two presentations. IAS selects Dongducheon as a representative Korean neighborhood that implicates particular contextual memories and stories of modern and contemporary condition of Korea, as well as common concerns of some local cities in other parts of the world. New works by four artists, KOH Seung Wook, Sangdon KIM, RHO Jae Oon and siren eun young jung are introduced in the opening presentation, and further development of which will be presented in next May at the same venue.

Insa Art Space of the Arts Council Korea

Insa Art Space of the Arts Council Korea
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