October 24, 2007 - Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory - Hidden Curriculum
October 24, 2007

Hidden Curriculum

Annette Krauss
​Hidden Curriculum
Monday 17 September – Sunday 18 November 2007

Nieuwekade 213-215
3511 RW Utrecht, The Netherlands
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‘Hidden Curriculum’ looks at the unrecognized and unintended knowledge, values and beliefs that are part of the learning process in schools. It focuses on actions that go beyond existing norms and shows creative and productive ways of navigating through everyday life in school. The project is currently being realized through a series of workshops with two groups of 16-17 year old students from the Gerrit Rietveld College and Amadeus Lyceum in Utrecht. The workshops will set a framework within which the students will investigate their own actions and forms of behaviour and transfer the knowledge that they gain from this towards other ends, such as the production of printed material, video and public actions.

Activating situations that may go beyond common sense or secure behaviour, they will reflect on the legitimacy of specific social contexts, taking a critical stance in order to think through the complexity of their own actions. In a broader context the project forms a model of how institutional structures are negotiated in all areas of public life, thinking about how people deal with rules and imposed categories of thought, and both internalise them as well as subconsciously resist them.

‘Hidden Curriculum’ will be developed over three months and is open to the public throughout with a continuously developing body of documentation and special events. The final outcomes of the project will be presented in a screening, and will be on view at Casco during the last week.

‘show and tell’ by Celine Condorelli
‘Hidden Curriculum’ takes place within an evolving and adaptable workspace specially developed for the project by Celine Condorelli as part of her ongoing research into support structures.

‘Hidden Curriculum Files’
Graphic design students from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam will produce a series of booklets documenting the project.


Saturday 3 November, 15.00

Screening: Petra Bauer/Annette Krauss ‘all the things I need to learn…’ 2005

Thomas Alkemeyer / Thomas Pille
‘The physicality of education. On the silent power of symbolic violence’
The human body is often ignored in discussions on education. Alkemeyer and Pille’s analytical perspective focuses on the corporeality of education in order to interpret the interactions that take place in educational institutions. Tracing body movements in spatial environments that reflect social orders, they will look at the intrinsic symbolic violence of educational institutions and the reproduction of social inequalities in everyday school life.

Thursday 15 November, 17.00-19.00
Final presentation

Screening and presentation of the documentation of the project
On view at Casco until 18 November

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