March 17, 2007 - Palais de Tokyo - News from the upside-down.
March 17, 2007

News from the upside-down.

News from the upside-down.
Opening March 22, 2007

8:00 pm to midnight.

Physicists use a short horizontal bar above a letter to indicate particles of anti-matter. Loosely inspired by this practice, the Palais de Tokyo presents M, a program consisting of five solo exhibitions and two collective shows permeated by the idea of inversion. After FIVE BILLION YEARS, which questioned the elasticity of time and space, M brings together works that act like oscillators, bridges or tipping points between opposite polarities. “The result of a/b is not the number c, such as a/b=c, but the sign ( / ) separating a and b” said Marcel Duchamp. Art, in this sense, is no longer a product but is the fraction bar itself, the discreet sign of a transformation, an operator of inversions.

Each session is composed by differents rythms. Exhibitions last either three months, six weeks, one month or one night. From 22 March, the two new exhibitions will alter the balance of this part of our programme. David Noonan shows more of the shifts and accidents of memory on the frontier between folklore and mysteries, while Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel working together will recompose the codes of contemporary sculpture by crossing craftsmanship with an industrial approach, art with design, pop with conceptual art. In addition there will be modules devoted to young artists and special projects, the slow composition/decomposition of Michel Blazy’s POST PATMAN exhibit, and the celebratory utopia of the collective GROW YOUR OWN exhibition.
Solo exhibitions:
Michel Blazy : Post-Patman (Feb 1 – May 6)
Dewar & Gicquel (March 22 – May 6)
David Noonan (March 22 – May 6)
Joe Coleman (Feb 1 – March 11)
Tatiana Trouvé : Double Bind (Feb 1 – May 6)
Special project conceived by Peter Coffin :
Grow Your Own: an exhibition about micronations, model and concept nations (Feb 1 – May 6)
Music for Plants (Feb 1 – March 11)
Modules :
Koki Tanaka : Setting Up and Taking Down (March 1 April 1)
Ajemian Brothers : From Beyond (March 1 April 1)
Bernadette Genée and Alain Le Borgne : Elementary units (April 5 April 29)
David Ancelin : Avis de grand frais (Feb 1 Feb 25)
Camille Henrot : King Kong Addition (Feb 1 Feb 25)
Thursdays at M : From Guy Debord to Black Sabbath through the looking-glass (conferences, concerts, screenings every Thursdays)

Thanatotactics by Eyal Weizman (March 15 19h30)
Artificial Life by Claude Lattaud (March 22 19h30)
Antipodes (March 29 19h30)
Spilt-Screen (April 5 20h00/24h00)
Jabberwocky by Pacôme Thiellement (April 12 19h30)
Doppelganger by David Cohen and Michael Polishs Twin Falls Idaho (April 26 19h30)
Ledouxs Brothel (May 3 -19h30)
The cavern of antimatter by Laurent Jeanpierre (Feb 8 19h30)
Navigation has always been a difficult art by Tom McCarthy (Feb 15 19h30)
Second Life with Alain Della Negra and Kaori Kinoshita (Feb 22 19 h30)
From Beyond by Lucas ans Jason Ajemian (March 1 20h30)
Antimatter by Christophe Galfard (March 8 19h30)

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