January 3, 2007 - La Box at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts - Communication – second sequence of RESITUATION
January 3, 2007

Communication – second sequence of RESITUATION

Communication - second sequence of RESITUATION

la box

Kerry Tribe, still from the video Double
Courtesy Galerie Maisonneuve, Paris Communication – second sequence of RESITUATION, series of nine curatorial projects by Estelle Nabeyrat and Frédéric Maufras

la box
école nationale supérieure
d’art de Bourges
9, rue Édouard Branly – BP 297
18006 Bourges cedex
tel/fax : 33 (0)2 48 24 78 70


open daily 14:0018:00
except Sundays

Communication December 18-January 13

The exhibition takes the form of a documentary base on the means used for art communication: reviews, magazines, websites, and other communication media.

This collection of documents questions the current state of an increasingly profuse and globalised art communication. In view of the sheer load of information, has discourse on art definitively entered the era of mediation? Or is critical distance still possible in communication? Is it true that the press no longer plays a significant supplementary role in comparison to the platforms for information that have appeared on the internet over the last years? Although certain internet sites may seem as appropriate as printed media for the diffusion of writing on art, shouldnt the question be the way in which information is processed, beyond mere efficient communication? For that matter, do these texts play nothing more than accompanying artistic processes or do they manage to engage their authors in a more meaningful way?
Communication is an ongoing project, with the documents progressively included in the show – interested contemporary art publications are still invited to contact us.

List of the first participating publications: Gagarin (Antwerp), Semaines (Arles), Homonumos (Beijing), LArt même, La Part de l’il (Brussels), Critique d’art (Chateaugiron), Exibart.onpaper (Florence), Tissu (Geneva), Contemporary, N.Paradoxa, Useless (London), Journal Sous Officiel (Marseille), ETC (Montreal), Moscow Art Magazine, Stone Milk (Moscow), Zérodeux (Nantes), Area revue, Artnord, Les Cahiers du Musée National d’Art Moderne, Checkpoint, Mouvement, Nuke, Palais, Point d’ironie (Paris), Atelier (Prague), Livraison (Strasbourg), CAC Interviu (Vilnius), Parkett (Zurich-New York).
The complete collection of publications will be exhibited during the summer of 2007.

The project also includes works by artists, beginning with:
Sans-titre, an interactive installation by Julia Varga: a sound generator that produces discourse on art.
Top 100, volumes 13 by Davide Bertocchi.
For each volume Davide Bertocchi asked a hundred art world personalities to choose their favourite piece of music, and thus builds up compilations highlighting the artistic selection process as non-critical choice.
Estelle Nabeyrat is a curator and art critic based in Lyon and Paris. She has notably contributed to Neue Review (Berlin) and Standard (Paris).
Frédéric Maufras is a curator and art critic. He lives in Paris. His articles and essays have appeared, among other publications, in LArt même (Brussels), in Moscow Art Magazine and in Parachute (Montreal).


In a singular context that of an exhibition venue belonging to a State art school the intention is to use a series of projects to explore the exhibition format in the age of globalised art. The initial idea is to look for localised responses with a «resituation» depending on a critical examination of the international arts certain recurring features communication, dematerialisation and subversion, among others.

With the triumph of the culture industry of spectacular codes over-integrated into the process of making and showing international art the present context has shifted somewhat; and this new situation needs to be sounded out by exploring possible avenues of experimentation and critical resistance.

Thus this «resituation» is designed as a seminar in action, one leading to a larger exhibition during the summer of 2007. Rather than organise the umpteenth better-than-ever-before show, the intent is to attempt an investigation spread over a year; and during that year to use la box as a laboratory for ideas, documentation and action.

Previous sequence: Fiction (works by Bernadette Corporation, Patrick Bernier, Joachim Koester, Fabrice Lauterjung, Benoît Maire, Antoine Prum, TorbjØrn RØdland and Kerry Tribe)

RESITUATION is divided into nine sequences of which the last will use several other venues in Bourges between 1 June13 July 2007

La Box at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts
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