November 7, 2006 - Museum Het Domein - Thomas Campbell
November 7, 2006

Thomas Campbell

Thomas Campbell , Stilted House, 60 x 40 x 160 cm, wood, acrylic paint, ink and gouache, 2006.

Thomas Campbell
Sing Ding A Ling

Studio on location, paintings, drawings, photos, sculptures and video
30/09-10/12 2006

Tuesday Sunday 11.00am 5.00pm

Museum Het Domein Sittard
Kapittelstraat 6
6131 ER Sittard
T 31 (0)46 4513460
F 31 (0)46 4529111

With Sing Ding A Ling, Museum Het Domein is proud to present the first Dutch solo exhibition of Californian artist Thomas Campbell. He has temporarily transplanted his Santa Cruz studio to the museum and has been working here a month developing an exhibition that will cover every aspect of his work. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue / artists book. Campbell has also been invited to serve as guest curator for the project space, where he will present the work of four young American artists: Evan Hecox, Alex Kopps, Geoff McFetridge and Simone Shubuck.

Growing up on the west coast of the United States Campbells artistic movement was spawned from his involvement with the creative movement of the skateboarding culture of the 80s 90s up until today. Campbell infuses his distinctly unique style into the paintings, drawings and sculptures that comprise his fantastical world. His work is expressed thru a wide range of mediums – paintings, detailed drawings, abstract photography and motion pictures, of which he is most known for his surf films Sprout and The Seedling. Visual elements like the semi-human figure, text and ornamentation repeatedly appear on houses on stilts, works on sewing paper and bronze and wood sculptures. Typical of these pieces are the undulating line and curves that reappear unceasingly. Just as every wave presents the surfer with a fresh invitation, challenging his arsenal of skills, Campbell employs a diversity of techniques in his art work, coupling a conceptual approach with well-crafted execution.

Thomas Campbells work was recently shown at Roberts & Tilton Gallery, LA, and is currently featured in the touring Beautiful Losers exhibition. Campbell has mounted solo exhibitions at galleries in New York, Paris, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Morocco. Last year, in the exhibition On Love, Het Domein screened his film Sprout . Campbell is mainly known for his artistic work but has also worked as editor of Skateboarder magazine and also runs his own record label, Galaxia, which has released records by contemporary artists Tommy Guerrero and Peggy Honeywell.

The exhibition is realized with the support of: city of Sittard-Geleen, Limburg Province, Ministery of OC&W and Paul Frank.

For more information on the exhibition and/or for visual material, please visit our website or contact Karin Adams /

David Pagel / The Times, 04 08 2006, about the solo show Yep in
Roberts & Tilton Gallery, Los Angeles:
If Thomas Campbells paintings, drawings, collages and sculptures were not works of art, theyd be weeds hard-to-kill organisms that pop up just about anywhere and thrive on whatever sustenance is available. () The show includes a seemingly endless supply of his signature figures charming cartoon survivalists who bumble about in cumbersome parkas that resemble one-man tepees. Think low-tech, solo mobile home or ersatz turtle shell, with a single porthole for the figure’s face.

Museum Het Domein
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