June 12, 2006 - BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts - Family Affairs
June 12, 2006

Family Affairs

Family Affairs
Brothers and Sisters in Art

14.06 & 10.09.2006

Centre for Fine Arts
(Palais des Beaux-Arts | Paleis voor Schone Kunsten)
23 rue Ravensteinstraat
1000 Brussels
32 (0)2 507 82 00

Family Affairs takes a look at brothers and sisters in art. Research turned up no fewer than 1500 artists with another artist as brother or sister. Is art in the genes? What do twins have to tell us about the question? Does the family bond lead to fraternal collaboration or, on the contrary, to rivalry? Does a famous family name open doors or is it actually a handicap?

The exhibition opens in the 8th century with the sisters Harlinde en Relinde in a convent and takes in the great artistic movements – Baroque, rococo, Romantic, modernist, postmodernist – right up to today. Alongside celebrated names like Jan and Pieter Brueghel, Diego and Alberto Giacometti, Balthus and Pierre Klossowski, Marcel and Suzanne Duchamp, and Jake and Dinos Chapman, other, less prominent, pairs are highlighted. The exhibition will include new works by Patricia and Marie-France Martin, Benoît and Frédéric Platéus, and a collaborative project by the brothers Erik and Harald Thys and Danny and Richard Venlet. A revealing perspective on art history, on the frontiers of art and science.

The relationship between art and genetics will be the focus of a colloquium on 9 September, organised jointly with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Art historians, soci-ologists, and geneticists will look at the issue of brothers and sisters in art.
Full programme available from June 15 on www.bozar.be.

Curator: León Krempel
In collaboration with the Haus der Kunst, Munich

More info : www.bozar.be

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