March 10, 2006 - AC Institute - INCLUSIVE / EXCLUSIVE
March 10, 2006



AC Institute
for the documentation and understanding of contemporary art
7 East 8th Street, # 361
New York, NY 10003

Holly Crawford, Director and Editor
Lillian Fellmann, Associate Editor

This critical project is a two-part event.
Part I
CRITICAL CONVERSATIONSin a Limo with Refreshments

AC:Hospitality Suite will host Critical Conversations in a Limo for up to 10 people. The Limo will run between the Armory and DiVA fair on March 10 12 between 2PM and 8PM, starting and ending at the Armory taxi drop off. Host critics and curators will guide conversations on the subject of Inclusion and Exclusion. Two half hours, or one round trip with two different groups.

Participation in this project is provided by reservation for guests on DiVA and Armory VIP lists only. A video will be made of all the conversations.

AC:Hospitality Suite is an experimental space for the discussion and investigation of art and art institutions. This project is solely funded by the AC Institute and is part of our ongoing research into art fairs. A monograph with the DVD is forthcoming. This project is free to all participants.

We would like to thank the Armory and DiVA fair for their cooperation.

Hosts (to date) are: Anne Barlow, Curator of Education and Media Programs, New Museum; Holly Block, Director of Art in General; Holly Crawford, Director of AC Institute; Jon Esser, Associate Dean of the College of Art, SUNY Purchase; Lillian Fellmann, Associate Editor AC Institute, Curatorial Critic; Peter Frank, Critic, and Senior Curator at The Riverside Art Museum; Fernando Galán, Editor of; Jonathan Goodman, Critic; Jan Herman, Critic, Art Journal; Bob Holman, Director of the Bowery Poetry Club; Jonell Jamie, Art Critic; Richard Kostelanetz, Critic; Carin Kuoni, Director of the Vera List Center for Art and Politics; Sina Najafi, Chief Editor of Cabinet
Magazine; Orlan and Raphael Cuir, Art historian and Getty Fellow 2006; Carol Parkinson, Executive Director of Harvestworks; Carolee Shea, Critic; Julian Zugazagoitia, Director of El Museo Del Barrio. We would like to thank all the hosts for donating their time.

Part II

In March, AC will outsource art criticism. This will be done with the help of art critics and curators around the world who are not in NYC. AC will fedex art fair catalogues to them. Within two weeks these writers are expected to produce some commentary about the fairs, solely based on that material. A nominal, but below market rate salary will be paid and included in cash in the box with the catalogue.

Outsourced critics (to date) are:
Vasif Kortun (Turkey); Eitan Beganim (Israel); Claude Closky (France); Amir Yonatan (Israel), Hemda Rosenbaum (Israel), Jérôme Sans (France), Smriti Vohra (India), Sven Lütticken (Amsterdam).

AC Institute
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