March 6, 2006 - Art Brussels - Friday 21 – Monday 24 April 2006
March 6, 2006

Friday 21 – Monday 24 April 2006

art brussels
Friday 21 – Monday 24 April 2006

Preview & Vernissage: 20 April
(by invitation only)
Finissage: 24 April, until 10pm

artbrussels 2006 the European platform for contemporary art

Brussels, the capital of Europe is increasingly profiling itself as a cosmopolitan and multicultural city with an intuitive feel for contemporary art. As a country, Belgium can be proud of the number of its art collectors with world-class collections. Numerous companies are also translating this passion for art into one of the cornerstones of their corporate culture. It is precisely this depth of private initiative and professionalism that combines galleries, collectors and public institutions which gives artbrussels its unique character.
artbrussels has identified itself as the international contemporary art fair of the moment, attracting participants from 20 countries. And through a rigorous selection process that limits the number of galleries taking part, the event has a genuine brilliance that gives it an edge.

The very young – though excellent – emerging galleries from the First Call and Young zones highlight the dynamic character of artbrussels, together with the one man shows they exemplify the truly innovative spirit of the fair.
artbrussels tracks the trends and movements in the international art world closely and as such will be introducing a new zone: Modernist and Contemporary Design. This is a natural choice and evolution as contemporary art and the high-end of the design sector address a similar audience, and thus direct themselves to identical markets. The synergy between the two is clear.

Its no great surprise given the composition and standard artbrussels is year after year the place where the entire international art world comes together.
artbrussels 2006 – Exhibitors
First Call : Dallas, UK F A Projects, UK Grimm/Rosenfeld, Germany Hanley, USA Hotel, UK Lombard-Freid Projects, USA Lühn, Germany Milliken, Sweden Ritter/Zamet, UK The Agency, UK The Breeder, Greece Tsingou, UK Wallner, Denmark Wilson, Denmark
Young Galleries : Alice, Belgium Ap4 – Art, Switzerland Artrepco, Switzerland Asbaek Projects, Denmark Bartlett, UK Bastide, Belgium Baudach, Germany Brownstone, USA Cardenas Bellanger, France Cerami, Belgium Chouakri, Germany Clark, USA Cutts, Canada De Voldere, USA Dependance, Belgium Fiat, France Gazon Rouge, Greece Grusenmeyer, Belgium Hoet Bekaert, Belgium Hohenlohe, Austria Johnen, Germany Kimmerich, Germany Kleindienst, Germany Kudlek, Germany Layr: Wuestenhagen, Austria Loevenbruck, France Masart, Spain Mackey, USA Multiple Box, Germany Neff, Germany One Twenty, Belgium Qed, USA Ronmandos, The Netherlands S.A.L.E.S., Italy Schmidt Maczollek, Germany Shammah, Italy Studio Manuela Klerkx, Italy Van Der Grinten, Germany
Art Galleries : Aliceday, Belgium Analix Forever, Switzerland Anhava, Finland Asbaek, Denmark B & D Studio, Italy Baronian-Francey, Belgium Bärtschi, Switzerland Bernard, France Bernier/Eliades, Greece Bjerggaard, Denmark Blancpain Stepczynski, Switzerland Brolly, France Brownstone, USA Buchmann, Germany Bugdahn und Kaimer, Germany Camhi, Greece Carré, France Chelouche, Israel Chinese Contemporary, UK Conrads, Germany Continua, Italy Cooper, USA Cotthem, Belgium Crone, Germany Crown, Belgium De Brock, Belgium de Villepoix, France De Zwarte Panter, Belgium Deweer, Belgium Dupont, France Elbaz, France Faurschou, Denmark Flatland, The Netherlands Forsblom, Finland Gana, Korea Gandy, Czech Republic Gentils, Belgium Geukens & De Vil, Belgium Gutharc, France Hufkens, Belgium Hussenot, France I8, Iceland Insam, Austria Invernizzi, Italy Jamar, Belgium Janssen, Belgium Karpio, Costa Rica Kicken Berlin, Germany Koraalberg, Belgium Krinzinger, Austria Kuckei Kuckei, Germany L.A. Galerie, Germany La Citta, Italy Lanzenberg, Belgium Les Filles Du Calvaire, France Loft, France Maruani & Noirhomme, Belgium Mauroner, Austria Meert Rihoux, Belgium Mennour, France Minini, Italy Moser, Switzerland Mulier Mulier, Belgium Obadia, France Oniris, France Papillon, France Parker’s Box, USA Paviot, France Perugi, Italy Pescali & Sprovieri, UK Polaris, France Poleschi, Italy Regina, Russian Federation Retelet, Belgium Rizziero, Italy Röpke, Germany Rumpff, The Netherlands Russo, Italy S65, Germany Sels, Germany Senda, Spain Simoens, Belgium Sparta, France Springer & Winckler, Germany Sturm, Germany Szwajcer, Belgium Tache-Levy, Belgium Tanit, Germany Tarasieve, France Templon, France Thoman, Austria Transit, Belgium Triangle Bleu, Belgium Vallois, France Vanguardia, Spain Vanhoegaerden, Belgium Vidal Saint Phalle, France Vidal, France Vilenne, Belgium Voss, Germany Zander, Germany Zellermayer, Germany Zink, Germany Zürcher, France
New ! Design : Biltereyst, Belgium Contrasts, China Dansk Moebelkunst, France Denys, Belgium Dewindt, Belgium Fiedler, Germany Giraud, France Jousse Entreprise, France Kreo, France Mouvements Modernes, France Toluca, France
artbrussels 2006 – More information?
Gerrie Soetaert
32 475 47 98 69

Art Brussels
Share - Friday 21 – Monday 24 April 2006
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