June 2, 2005 - University of Trento – Italy, Faculty of Sociology - Stefano Cagol
June 2, 2005

Stefano Cagol

University of Trento Italy, Faculty of Sociology

Stefano Cagol, HEART, 2005, DVD – R, Ntsc & Pal vers, 10 min. looped, voile projection 4×3 m. HEART SERIES, produced as video frames, lambda print, plexiglas, dibond, 100×130 cm. Editions of 3 Stefano Cagol – HEART
07 June – 16 June 2005

OPENING: Wednesday 08 June. 2005. 6 – 8 pm
University of Trento – Italy
Faculty of Sociology
Via Verdi 26
38100 Trento
fax 39 0461.881348
www.stefanocagol.com www.unitn.it/events/olk6/keynote_speakers_events.htm

The installation is realized with the collaboration of the Civic Gallery of Contemporary Art, Trento

The site-specific project of Stefano Cagol is shown as an interesting interaction between different but parallel aspects of search on our contemporary times, between art and sociological analysis. Within this view the present course was started by the Faculty of Sociology of Trento with an installation by Loris Cecchini (2003) and with the intervention by Maurizio Cattelan (2004). To characterize the project there is anyhow a more specific insertion within the activity of search of the Academy, by making the same art an instrument to understand and study within the international meeting: the highly transversal topic is referred to the idea of a strong passionate intensity in seeing, in understanding.
HEART is taken by Stefano Cagol as the symbol of passion, of an inside, innate energy. To resume the concept of sensuality, of instinctuality, of tension, of the totalizing strength of passion. The idea of this mighty interiority is synthesized through a perceptive effect, through an aesthetic and equally effective sound element.

The big sized video installation is positioned in the central arcade at the entrance of the structure. The pluridimensionality of the image video makes the installation extremely visible and remarkable to all those who enter the structure, or, thanks to the glass doors at the entrance, to those who pass by the seat.

To create a narrow connection between the project and the meeting, a lecture of the artist is foreseen also together with the numerous speeches of international conference: June 9, 3 – 4 pm

The day after the lecture at the University of Trento, he will create White-Flags,
a perfomance/action in Venice, Giardini, during the opening of the 51 Biennale.
White-flags is realized in collaboration with Jaana Parkkila, Designer, Finland.
When: June 10, 11 am – 2 pm
The project: www.white-flags.com

On June to September 2005 he also realizes Babylon Zoo, a solo show at
Oredaria Gallery, Rome, with an essay by Pier Luigi Tazzi.
Oredaria, via reggio emilia 24, Rome.
Opening: June 16, 7 9 pm
The gallery: www.oredaria.it
Stefano Cagol was born in Trento (Italy) in 69, lives in Italy. In 2004 he realized a project room (video windows) at Stefan Stux gallery, New York, and tokyospace, a work in progress in Tokyo. In 2005 he realized the solo show lies at Platform, London.
Stefano Cagol HEART
University of Trento – Italy. Faculty of Sociology
07 June – 16 June 2005
Open everyday: h 10 am – 10 pm
The installation and the lecture are realized inside the
6th International Conference The Passion of Learning and Knowing Curated by Silvia Gherardi, Davide Nicolini, Antonio Strati: University of Trento

General infos, Contact, Press and images please write to: info@tokyospace.com

University of Trento – Italy, Faculty of Sociology
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