February 16, 2005 - Art Brussels - Friday 15 – Monday 18 April 2005
February 16, 2005

Friday 15 – Monday 18 April 2005

artbrussels 2005
Friday 15 - Monday 18 April 2005

Preview & Vernissage: 14 April (on invitation only)
15, 16, 17 April: 12 am – 8 pm
18 April: 12 am – 10 pm

Brussels Expo
Halls 11 & 12

artbrussels [​at​] artexis.com

Unique worldwide
artbrussels: one of the world’s leading contemporary art fairs. With its compact size and considered selection of international galleries, it deserves its excellent reputation; a perfect snapshot of contemporary trends realised by quality artists. In harmony with the art world, its approach creates a unique atmosphere that has become artbrussels’ trademark: human, subtle and intimate. The organiser’s commitment to these qualities is reflected this year by the decision to reduce the number of participating galleries by 15 per cent, allowing for greater consistency and a more rigorous selection process.
A strong selection

Some 130 galleries, from over 21 countries, will participate in artbrussels 2005. The International Selection Committee responsible for the choice of exhibitors is formed by leading gallery owners: Albert Baronian (B); Elena Buchmann (D/CH); Helga Conrads (D); Jo Coucke-Deweer Art Gallery (B); Rodolphe Janssen (B); Massimo Minini (I); Nathalie Obadia (F); Tanya Rumpff (NL) and Rebecca Camhi (GR).
A collector’s paradise

The success of the event is enhanced by the appeal of Brussels. As the acknowledged capital of Europe, the city has rapidly become one of the most cosmopolitan and multicultural places on the continent. It is an endless source of inspiration for the many international artists, curators and critics who have made it their home and helped turn it into an exciting creative laboratory and a centre for the arts. Belgium’s art community is not limited to one location: a recent survey rated nearby Antwerp as the 15th most important city in the contemporary art world.

The country has an enduring reputation as a collector’s paradise, with an impressive number of high-end galleries that specialise in contemporary art and a significant number of private collectors. But it is not just the population’s passion for buying and collecting art that is world renowned, it’s also the exceptional standard of some of those collections.
A growing appeal

The growing international appeal of artbrussels is clear to see in the number of visitors from abroad. As in past editions, some 30,000 professionals and art lovers are expected to attend artbrussels 2005, with 20 per cent of the collectors, artists, curators, gallery owners and critics coming from outside Belgium. The strength of the mix has made artbrussels the ideal platform for foreign galleries and artists wishing to present themselves to Belgian collectors, or for Belgian talent to reach out to the international market.
New: First Call

The contemporary and innovative character of artbrussels is not just public relations and as proof 2005 sees the launch of a series of new initiatives.

‘First Call’ is a zone that will present 14 galleries that have never participated before. This platform, which is by invitation only, will mainly show young, international galleries that promote upcoming artists. Invited by members of the Collectors Committee, they have been offered the opportunity to participate at a preferential rate, through the financial support of the fair’s sponsors. ‘First Call’ will be located around the Illy lounge, one of the central meeting points in the fair.
New: Debates

Another new addition will be the debates that take place on Saturday 16th, in collaboration with the Antwerp museum of contemporary art ‘MuHKA’, the new Antwerp art centre ‘Extra City’ and the IBK (initiative visual arts). The focus will be the current state of contemporary art in Belgium, and more specifically on the role of private actors, such as galleries and collectors. Themes that look at the way trade can adapt to artists and the relationship between private and public collections, will also be explored.
One man shows

The depth of the event will also be in evidence in the ‘one man shows’, a highly successful initiative that is set to be repeated. Once again some 20 galleries, established or upcoming and chosen by the Selection Committee, will be able to mount an exhibition next to their stand, each highlighting the work of one single artist they represent.
The Collectors Committee

The 2004 edition saw the foundation of the Collector’s Committee. As the name suggests, the members of this committee are all collectors, with great notoriety:
Jacqueline d’Amecourt (Lhoist); Wilfried Cooreman; Eric Decelle; Mimi Dusselier; Filiep Libeert; Baudouin Michiels (Belgacom) and Bruno Van Lierde. In addition to its advisory role, the committee also selects the best ‘one man show’ and the winner receives a welcome 10,000 euro from Illy.
The OFF programme

The Off programme of 2005 promises even more excitement than 2004, when a temporary artbrussels club was set up at the Belga Queen in the city centre. This programme will be continued and developed. This year visitors will be invited to visit ‘Visionary Belgium’, an exhibition at the Bozar curated by Harald Szeemann. The private collection of Eric Decelle and corporate collection of ING as well as the contemporary art museums in Antwerp are part of the programme.
Exhibitors list
First Call : Beaulieu, Belgium Chouakri, Germany Dependance, Belgium Kamm, Germany Kamm/5BE, USA Kleindienst, Germany Klerkx, Italy Nasu, Japan Neff, Germany Neu, Germany Nourbakhsch, Germany One Twenty, Belgium The Apartment, Greece Yoshii, Japan
Art Galleries : Aliceday, Belgium Analix Forever, Switzerland Anhava, Finland Art & Public, Switzerland Art Of This Century, France, Spain, USA Artcore, Canada Asbaek, Denmark Astuni, Italy B & D Studio, Italy Bagnai, Italy Baronian_Francey, Belgium Bartschi, Switzerland Bastide, Belgium Bastien, Belgium Bernard, France Bernier/Eliades, Greece Bjerggaard, Denmark Boselli, Belgium Bowie Van Valen, The Netherlands Brolly, France Brownstone, USA Buchmann, Germany, Switzerland Bugdahn und Kaimer, Germany Camhi, Greece Campana, Germany Carre, France Casini, France Cerami, Belgium Chinese Contemporary, United Kingdom Colombo, Italy Conrads, Germany Continua, Italy Cotthem, Belgium, Spain Crown, Belgium Cueto, France De Brock, Belgium De Zwarte Panter, Belgium Deweer, Belgium Dupont, France Espacio Liquido, Spain Estro, Italy Fahnemann, Germany D. Fiat, France Fornello, Italy Forsblom, Finland Fortlaan 17, Belgium Franck, United Kingdom Frank, France Gandy, Czech Republic Gentili, Italy Geukens & De Vil, Belgium Grusenmeyer, Belgium Hachmeister, Germany Hecey, Belgium Hilger, Austria Hohenlohe & Kalb, Austria Hufkens, Belgium Hussenot, France I8, Iceland Im Park, Switzerland Insam, Austria Jamar, Belgium M. Janssen, Germany R. Janssen, Belgium JGM, France Johnen + Schottle, Germany Karpio, Costa Rica Koraalberg, Belgium Krinzinger, Austria Krupp, Switzerland Kuckei + Kuckei, Germany Lanzenberg, Belgium Le Triangle Bleu, Belgium Les Filles Du Calvaire, Belgium, France Leuchter, Germany Levy, Germany Loevenbruck, France Loft, Spain, France, Hong Kong Lukasfeichtner, Austria M&M, Belgium Marella, Italy Mauroner, Austria Meert Rihoux, Belgium Mennour, France Minini, Italy Moser, Switzerland Nächst St. Stephan, Austria Noire, Italy Obadia, France Papillon, France Paviot, France Perugi, Italy Polaris, France Porte 11, Belgium Retelet, Belgium, France Rizziero, Italy Ropke, Germany Rove, United Kingdom Rubicon, Ireland Rumpff, The Netherlands Russo, Italy S 65, Belgium, Germany S.A.L.E.S., Italy Salvador, France Schuebbe Projekt, Germany Senda, Spain Shammah, Italy Sies + Hoke, Germany Simoens, Belgium Slingshot, USA Sparta, France Springer & Winckler, Germany Sturm, Germany Szwajcer, Belgium Tache-Levy, Belgium Tanit, Germany Tarasieve, France Templon, France Thoman, Austria Tolksdorf, Germany Transit, Belgium Ulysses, Austria Vallois, France Vanhoegaerden, Belgium Vidal, France Vidal-Saint Phalle, France Voss, Germany Zander, Germany Zink + Gegner, Germany Zonca & Zonca, Italy Zurcher, France

Stay up to date about the fair on www.artbrussels.be !

Art Brussels
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