February 9, 2005 - Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma - ARS 06 exhibition in Helsinki
February 9, 2005

ARS 06 exhibition in Helsinki

ARS 06 exhibition in Helsinki​
21 January – 27 August 2006

Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art
Mannerheiminaukio 2
00100 Helsinki, Finland


Kiasma is preparing an extensive international exhibition of contemporary art. The exhibition will open in January next year. ARS 06 approaches art as an elemental part of humanity. Art can console and provide touching experiences in our rapidly changing, insecure world. The exhibition raises the question of art’s significance as part of the reality of our time.

Opening in January 2006, the ARS 06 central theme is the capacity of man for good and evil. Art is seen as a central form of human activity. Humanity is explored from various perspectives, such as emotional experiences, sensuality and sexuality. The works open up individual ways of explaining the world and reflect the social structures people have built for themselves.

The thematic focus of the exhibition is on timeless fundamental questions, how people experience themselves and their reality. Issues of beauty and ugliness are also once again a topical question.

ARS 06 is the seventh ARS exhibition and it will take over the entire Kiasma building. The Kiasma Theatre will be also hosting a programme on the ARS themes. ARS 06 forms a dynamic whole, in which the works on display throughout the exhibition are paired with a series of temporary projects.

The ARS 06 exhibition team is chaired by Tuula Karjalainen, PhD, Director of Kiasma.

Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma
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