November 3, 2003 - Artforum - November 2003 in Artforum
November 3, 2003

November 2003 in Artforum

November 2003 in Artforum

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“My early experience at Documenta showed me that these exhibitions have something in common with childbirth. No matter how often youre warned, you can never be prepared for the enormity of the labor.” -Martha Rosler

Also in November: Since the late ’60s, Polish Conceptualist Edward Krasinski’s horizontal line of blue tape has passed over gallery and studio walls, linking everything hanging on them while giving the impression of continuing forever. Art historian Blake Stimson examines an ongoing gesture that links a half century of proto-Conceptual and Conceptual art while “aiming to subsume world to ego and ego to world.”

“I do not know whether it is art. But for sure it is Scotch blue, width 19 mm, length unknown.” -Edward Krasinsky

Plus: Pepe Karmel remembers Kirk Varnedoe, Daniel Pinchbeck goes to Burning Man, David Rimanelli reviews Bruce Hainley and John Waters, and Amy Sillman chooses her Top Ten.

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