January 25, 2003 - Plan 51 - Radicalising the Habitat
January 25, 2003

Radicalising the Habitat

Radicalising the Habitat: Architectural Online Forum





The forum ‘Radicalising the Habitat’ at www.plan51.com, is
an Internet-based conference aimed to open an international debate on
progressive concepts and strategies in contemporary architecture.
Providing innovation as well as a mere platform for a discussion and
evaluation of the new architectural, urban, cultural, technological and
socio-economic condition, this forum will attempt to present
architects’, artists’ and scientists’ visions of a new habitat.


Internationally acclaimed theorists and artists open the discussion by
posting some of their work that has strongly influenced the recent architectural debate.

There are four themes (discussion groups) in the forum:

Exploring alternative habitat (introduced by Stephen Baxter) speculates on

– colonising alternative environments,

– extending human activities under the surface of earth and water and into space,

– adapting to extreme conditions

– justifying costs and risks of exploring new living space.

Progressive habitat (introduced by Ole Bouman) discusses

– models of individual and collective habitat following the electronic revolution

– new paradigms in housing production

– socially, technologically, formally progressive concepts of living

New urban matrix (introduced by Ole Bouman) reflects on

– recent political, social and economic shocks to urban lifestyles

– modified topology following the electronic revolution

– legacy of iconic buildings and manifestation of power in cities

– subversion of traditional forms of collective habitat

Creating an augmented space (introduced by Lev Manovich) focuses on

– digital technology and new materials in architecture;

– paradigmatic shift and the modified means of production;

– from digital design to building in augmented space;

– tectonics in a hybrid space;



Plan 51

Mail to: info@plan51.com

Editor: Vesna Petresin

Webmaster: T-Media

Plan 51
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