October 29, 2002 - Cabinet - The new issue of Cabinet magazine.
October 29, 2002

The new issue of Cabinet magazine.

The new issue of Cabinet magazine.


The new issue of Cabinet magazine is out…..laced with a special section on “Pharmacopia”

Artists projects include a pull-out DIY globe by Vadim Fishkin; a set of artist-designed stamps by Kahn & Selesnick, Richard Massey, Ruth Root, and Shahzia Sikander; Other artists in the issue include Reed Anderson, Chloe Piene, and Jocko Weyland.

Texts include Albert Mobilio on the addictions of rust; Barry Sanders on the joint history of typewriters and guns; an interview with Lawrence Lessig on copyright law; an interview with William Bodziak, the FBI’s foremost authority on shoe forensics; Tom Vanderbilt on the placebo effect; Sasha Archibald on goats and LSD; and more.

Cabinet now on sale in the US at independent bookstores, Barnes & Noble, Tower, select Borders, Hudson News, and Universal News. Also available in Canada, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Singapore, New Zealand, and Japan.

For further information on Cabinet and for subscription information, see www.immaterial.net/cabi net

A partial list of stores worldwide to buy Cabinet is available at www.immaterial.net /page.php/94/


Naomi Ben-Shahar, Cabinet’s image editor, will be presenting a DVD wall projection “Can’t Stop Wanting You (Tel Aviv)” from Nov 23-December 22.

Gorney Bravin + Lee, 534 West 26th Street, New York 10001 tel: 212 352 8372

“Can’t Stop Wanting You (Tel Aviv),” 2002, is a 12-minute site-specific work that was filmed at Real Time nightclub in Israel. By placing headlamps on the guests’ heads and using sound, Ben-Shahar’s overhead stationary camera traces the interactions and shifts of perspective at a Tel Aviv dance party.

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