October 2, 2001 - Artforum - October in Artforum
October 2, 2001

October in Artforum

October in Artforum


Also in this issue: Painter David Reed talks to art historian Katy Siegel about the multi-track career of the late Lee Lozano, whose “Wave” paintings, 1967-70, he ranks as “one of the three great series of American painting.” Artist Sol LeWitt and critic Lucy Lippard offer personal remembrances of the painter and Conceptualist whose actions revealed the increasing sense of “disillusionment and alienation” that led her to drop out of the art world entirely by the mid-’70s.

Plus, novelist Donna Tartt introduces new photographs by William Eggleston in this month’s “Portfolio”; Michael Duncan reviews “Beau Monde,” Dave Hickey’s recent edition of SITE Santa Fe; and contributing editor David Rimanelli and art historian Scott Rothkopf offer a pair of reflections occasioned by Artists Space’s recent rehanging of the seminal exhibition “Pictures,” inaugurating a series reexamining the art of the 1980s.


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