June 24, 2000 - ArsFutura - The arsFutura Show
June 24, 2000

The arsFutura Show

The arsFutura Show
June 3 - July 8, 2000



Opening: Friday, June 2nd, 18.00 – 21.00h

Eight years ago the idea arsFutura was realised: Promotion of contemporary art, focusing on New Media and Photography and a constant growth with and through the artists. In retrospect there are cornerstones, special works as reminders of special shows that were important in the process of forming our identity.

After eight years of arsFutura Gallery, the desire to look back and to reveal this identity in showing it not only in its parts but in its entirety has emerged.*

The survey attempts to make areas of tensions as well as the whole spectrum of our art transparent and to stimulate a discourse of positions, especially with regard to our continuous search for possibilities to break with conventions in art and to set new standards across borders. 

*Please visit our homepage for a survey of all previous exhibitions:


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