March 6, 2016 - Despacio - No One Belongs Here More Than You
March 6, 2016


Images courtesy of Despacio.

No One Belongs Here More Than You
March 3–April 24, 2016

Avenida Central
San José
Costa Rica

As one of the driving forces in the continued development of Central America’s artistic voice Despacio is committed to growing and adapting to new situations that arise throughout the region. Therefore the non-profit arts center launched three new programs—all with the aim of stimulating dialogue on both the local and international levels. Furthermore Despacio appointed a new curator, Sandino Scheidegger, and an advisory board with Jens Hoffmann (president), Judko Rosenstock, Pablo Léon de la Barra, and Sagrario Perez Soto. The art space was founded by Federico Herrero. 

Art interventions
No One Belongs Here More Than You

In its first exhibition under new leadership, Despacio presents conceptual artworks spanning the past 40 years by artists who understand how to capture and create ingenious moments that inform our memories and provoke our deepest ruminations. Artists participating amongst others: Adrian Melis (Cuba), Bethan Huws (Wales), Carey Young (UK), David Horvitz (USA), Hans Eijkelboom (Netherlands), Iván Argote (Colombia), Nina Beier & Marie Lund, (Denmark), and Julian Charrière (Switzerland).

Libraries in Residence
Four Libraries
March 4–April 24, 2016

Despacio’s Library in Residence program is an ever-evolving, guest-curated selection of artworks, artist books and unique handmade publications that together not only reimagine ingrained librarian systems but also examine literature’s role in contemporary art. The first four libraries in residence, opening on March 3, 2016, include libraries by Julien Prévieux (France), Diana Abi Khalil (Lebanon), Barbara Hoffmann (Switzerland), and Sophie Barbasch (USA).

Central Archive
Absence of Logic
March 4–April 24, 2016

Liberated from the necessity of making sense, Despacio’s Central Archive is uniquely comprised of juxtapositions of artworks, correspondence and traces of happenings and actions. It stands as a testament to an extraordinary freedom from convention. While most archives are banished to remote corners of their institutions, starting this year, Despacio’s archive will share the exhibition space’s center stage. It will take on new forms and meanings in three iterations, each lasting the length of one year. 

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