2023 exhibition programme

2023 exhibition programme


December 5, 2022
2023 exhibition programme
January 13–December 22, 2023
Belmacz, 45 Davies St
London W1K 4LX
United Kingdom
Hours: Monday–Friday 10am–6pm

T +44 20 7629 7863

Toby Christian: no odonata 
January 13–February 17, 2023

Toby Christian’s solo exhibition, no odonata, brings together a series of iPhone photographs taken by the artist while looking in through the window of his studio-garage in Lewisham (London, UK). These small giclée prints not only chart the passing of days and weeks—via the dust of carved stone—but hold within their grains multiple dimensions and points of view. Here looking—looking out, in, at and beyond—is abound through gestures of light and shadow.

Gernot Wieland: Halb Nackt
March 1–April 8, 2023

Departing from ideas explored in his recent award-winning films, Gernot Wieland’s solo exhibition, Halb Nackt, lays bare some of the thoughts woven into his video works. Here, seemingly solid media are used to convey ideas of becoming and identity, as well as psychological methods that allow one to dwell within the naked physicality of an existence.

Flower in the Wind
April 21–June 30, 2023

Titled after Agnes Martin’s 1963 painting Flower in the Wind, this group exhibition brings together a number of artists whose work contains some form of dissonance; that sensation conveyed so sublimely by Martin, whose “paintings are about freedom from the cares of this world, from worldliness." Revolving around ideas of confinement and transcendence, each of the artists in this exhibition work with the subtleties that can emerge when one jettisons conceptual ideals in favour of form.

Featuring: Hawazin Alotaibi, Bassam Al-Sabah, Georgina Hill, Camilla Løw, Vladimir Nikolic, Niamh O'Malley, Simon Popper, and Olu Uguniake.

Morten Skrøder Lund and Laura Ní Fhlaibhín: wet suction spins forever
July 12–September 1, 2023

“Stretching and licking and sucking tails and holes and gonopores in a wet pleasure suction spin forever.” For Belmacz’s summer exhibition artist Laura Ní Fhlaibhín will contextualise a selection of Morten Skrøder Lund’s recent paintings by positioning his painterly surfaces within an earthly ecology. Drawing upon her recent work collaborating with leopard slugs, Laura will disrupt the romantic ideals of sensual tenderness, that can be eeped from Morten’s abstract constellations by positioning these works within a microcosm where ritual is nature not sentimentality.

Faramaz Zahedi: Untitled: Good / "some specks of / purple needed / in the middle / "set it dry first
September 8–September 22, 2023

This will be the first presentation of work created by the ‘unschooled artist’ Faramaz Zahedi. An avid painter and photographer, Untitled: Good / "some specks of / purple needed / in the middle / "set it dry first will feature a number of the artist’s works created between c.1970s and c.1990. The exhibition intends to initiate a wider conversation about Faramaz’s work, as well as about the very idea of who and how an artist can be.

Women of the ‘20s
October 6–December 22, 2023

As we draw ever deeper into our contemporary 20s, this group exhibition celebrates artistic practices where bold ideas cut crisp materiality. Conveying an energetic sense of strength, the works in this exhibition combine elegant comportment with a sense of brazen jouissance. In turn, they jazz, displacing monotony in favour of rhythmic sojourns. 

Featuring: Coco Crampton, Agata Madejska, Hanna Mattes, Sadie Murdoch, Lydia Ourahmane and Daniel Blumberg, Ronit Porat, Joanne Robertson, and Anna Wachsmuth.

Belmacz is a space to share and celebrate the dynamism generated through exchange. Since 2000, the gallery played host to a range of exhibitions, bringing together poignant artistic practices, to create moments of interchange. 

For further information please contact gallery [​at​] belmacz.com.

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