AEROPONIC ACTS 2023: where the moon is up

AEROPONIC ACTS 2023: where the moon is up

Dutch Art Institute (DAI)

[1] Portrait of Generation, Curonian Spit, Nida, Lithuania, 2021–23. Photo: Baha Görkem Yalim i.c.w. Dandelion Eghosa and Hanna Rullmann. [2] Courtesy of NASA. [3] Photo: Jacq van der Spek.

July 18, 2023
AEROPONIC ACTS 2023: where the moon is up
19 conversations-in-a-form
July 28–29, 2023, 10am
Centrale Fies
via Gramsci 13
38074 Dro

Here, there, and anywhere tonight, under the brightest light of the world, that which dies each night descending into the realm of darkness and that which rebirths each day chasing the Sun. The Moon roams the widest territories. Is it wise to dwell in the moonlight just long enough to release one great choral howl? Oh, let us be someone’s moon! Gazing, sparkling, looking from afar like the Moon—that we are not. Still, let’s all come to know how to keep our minds on the moon. How to, in our most beautiful dreams, endure and imagine the impossible, even when in despair.

Friday July 28, 2023
Theresa Zwerschke:
 Who said we can’t reinvent tradition?/ David Přílučík: Is it the flight or the fall what my friend is falling for? / Iliada Charalampous: How to be together? / Iarlaith Ní Fheorais: Do you hear me? / Maxima Smith: Can performative emotion be harnessed to process somatically and achieve some form of catharsis? / Till Langschied: Is today’s failure energizing the promise of tomorrow? / Adriana Leanza: Isn’t it all in constant motion? / Gleb Maiboroda: How to untangle the unspoken? / Mara Ittel: How does make up make us? / Lucas Lugarinho Braga: Why don’t you tell me what you really want, instead of making up the same old lies?

Saturday July 29, 2023
Ronja Sommer: 
What can a revolution learn from sweating? / Orestis Giannoulis: How does it feel good? / Pelumi Adejumo: What do metaphors conceal? / Zuzana-Markéta Macková: What is happening? / Max*ine Vajt: What do a collapse of a union and girl-dick have in common? / Ros del Olmo: What happens when the voices are poured in? / Ioli Kavakou: How much do you need to suppress, to be your most rational? / Nagham Abu Assaf: What resides between the lines? / Cornelia Isaksson: At what frequency do we generate repulsive force?

The Dutch Art Institute (DAI) is an itinerant program (under the auspices of ArtEZ University of the Arts) that brings students, faculty, and facilitators together to study at the intersection of art and theory. Through performance, making, reading, writing, voicing, listening, organizing, curating and conviviality we try to learn how we can live and work together without reproducing violences of past and present. One month after COOP SUMMIT 2023 in Lithuania (the collaborative outcome of the year-long enquiry by six study groups positioned at the heart of the DAI’s curriculum), we are now presenting the annual acts of 20 minutes offering questions as practice of engagement and concluding each presenter’s two-year long journey with DAI.

For the AEROPONIC—root systems nourished by air—ACTS 2023, DAI invited esteemed respondents Phanuel Antwi, Ayesha Hameed and Francesco Urbano Ragazzi to help us think through what will be embodied and proposed. All 19 conversations-in-a-form are open to the public and will be anchored by Elisa Giuliano.

For this confluence, DAI alights again in the heart of the incredibly beautiful Valle dei Laghi in Trentino, Italy. We will be working and presenting at Centrale Fies: a Habsburg hydroelectric power plant running as a research center for contemporary performance practices since 1999. It is an honour for DAI to be welcomed here as a friend!

AEROPONIC ACTS 2023 are co-curated between Elisa Giuliano and Gabriëlle Schleijpen in conversation with Peter Sattler, Baha Görkem Yalim, Hanna Rullmann and Giulia Crispiani and supported by the dream-teams of DAI and Centrale Fies.

You are most welcome to join us: entrance is free. If you cannot join IRL, you can pick up the live stream from our website or follow our Instagram, for the occasion fully TAKEN OVER by artists-alumni Nash Caldera & Dandelion Eghosa.

Lunch and/or dinner upon reservation before July 27: Jacq van der Spek, J.vanderSpek [​at​]

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Dutch Art Institute (DAI)
July 18, 2023

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