November 8, 2016 - Centre for Research Architecture - New MA stream in Forensic Architecture
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November 8, 2016
November 8, 2016

Centre for Research Architecture

Master drawing of the Rafah: Black Friday investigation based on a Pléiades satellite image of eastern Rafah, taken on 1 August, 2014, 11:39am. Forensic Architecture, 2015.

New MA stream in Forensic Architecture
Call for applications

Centre for Research Architecture
Goldsmiths, University of London
London SE14 6NW
United Kingdom
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How can architecture investigate urban conflict, human rights violations, and environmental violence?

This question lies at the heart of a newly established MA stream in Forensic Architecture. It expands the pedagogical scope of Goldsmiths’ Centre for Research Architecture by creating an opportunity for students to engage with the groundbreaking work carried out by the Forensic Architecture team led by Professor Eyal Weizman.

Since its foundation in 2011, Forensic Architecture has established itself as an innovative research agency that undertakes advanced architectural and media investigations on behalf of human rights groups, threatened communities, as well as international and legal organisations.

While still continuing to participate in the full offerings of the Centre’s MA in Research Architecture, students in this stream will work on a wide range of spatial investigations in close collaboration with Forensic Architecture and its network of collaborators, including scientists, legal practitioners, and NGOs.

Dedicated weekly seminars and workshops will develop a critical toolbox of mapping and visualisation techniques, as a well as a space of theoretical reflection on questions of social, political, and environmental justice.

About the Centre for Research Architecture
The Centre for Research Architecture brings together MA and PhD students from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines to work through questions of contemporary culture, politics, media, ecology, and justice. We offer an alternative to traditional postgraduate architectural education through a practice-based environment that investigates the urgent political conditions of our time through a combination of fieldwork, theoretical enquiry, and forms of creative practice. 


Current teaching staff: Professor Eyal Weizman, Dr. Susan Schuppli, Dr. Lorenzo Pezzani, John Palmesino, Dr. Louis Moreno

Seminar guests have included: Louise Amoore, Zygmunt Bauman, Bellingcat, Clare Bishop, Rony Brauman, Grégoire Chamayou, Teddy Cruz, DAAR, Keller Easterling, Avery Gordon, Oscar Guardiola-Rivera, Andrew Herscher, Wolfgang Kalek, Laura Kurgan, Achille Mbembe, Anne McClintock, Rob Nixon, Trevor Paglen, Rasha Salti, Jonas Staal, Hito Steyerl, Grupa Spomenik.

How to apply
Applications for the next academic year (starting in September 2017) are now open to candidates from a wide range of backgrounds, including architecture, law, human rights, conflict studies, investigative journalism, visual arts, and many others. Candidates wishing to pursue the Forensic Architecture MA Stream should express their interest in their personal statement when applying to the MA in Research Architecture.

More info here.

For more information contact Dr. Lorenzo Pezzani, l.pezzani [​at​]

For general enquiries about admissions visit our website.

Centre for Research Architecture
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