April 23, 2020 - e-flux - e-flux journal fellowships and readers
April 23, 2020


Alexander Deineka, Young Woman With Book, 1934. From the collection of the State Russian Museum.

e-flux journal fellowships and readers


In publishing e-flux journal, we have noticed one essential limitation of periodicals: only the most current issue is prominently visible at any time. The cruelty in this is that the existing body of the publication—its totality of issues—is buried by a chronology that favors only the most recent release. It would seem to suggest that earlier issues or writings are less relevant than recent ones, when sometimes the opposite is true! After nearly 12 years of monthly publishing, we have decided to do something about this by introducing thematic constellations to e-flux journal. 

We are thrilled to introduce a new feature to e-flux’s monthly journal that activates its deep discursive archive by traversing our monthly publication format. e-flux journal readers are thematic collections of essays from across the entire history of e-flux journal since 2008. Some of the readers have been compiled by e-flux journal editors, while others have been proposed by our readers. Many of our first 25 readers center on the current pandemic and offer ways of seeing through the unfathomable, and we also await thematic ideas that look beyond the current crisis of Work / Silence / Borders / Closeness / Contagion / Volumetrics / End / Pathologies / Tomorrow / Absence / Touch / Crisis / Apocalypse / BloodBlooms / Movement / Corporeality / Hospitality / Performativity / Masks / Unlearning / Ruins / Time / Contactless / Shadow-Time / Immunity.

We are keen to hear from you and welcome your ideas and suggestions for further e-flux journal readers. The over 1,000 essays contained in 109 issues of e-flux journal can be grouped in infinite ways, and are freely available online. Your suggested reader should include a one-word title, a short abstract (100 words), and links to 8–9 e-flux journal texts. Please send your suggestions to reader [​at​] e-flux.com.

We are also pleased to announce two six-month e-flux journal fellowships for 2020. The fellowship is an opportunity for a period of focused reading, research, and study of the journal’s contents. The goal of this fellowship is to identify unintentional or felicitous conversations or contradictions between texts, as well as thematic drifts, latencies, and tendencies that could be further explored and highlighted. The fellowship will begin June 1 and offer a monthly stipend of 500 USD. Applicants should be currently enrolled in a PhD program, and submit a 500-word research proposal and CV to journal [​at​] e-flux.com by May 15.

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