Classical techniques of confinement have dramatically expanded, their domains of oppression building upon historical forms of institutional violence. From the virus to the room, the screen, and the municipality, todays social separations create new modes of behavior. The archaic media format of the drawing has the potential to trace and express the current environment and its rapidly changing conditions. Paradoxically, the drawing has been resurrected with growing attachments to screens. The flatness of paper adapts itself to any given digital device, but not without efforts and opportunities of translation.

gta exhibitions (Fredi Fischli, Irma Radoncic, Simona Mele, Niels Olsen, Megan Rolvien, Sara Sherif, and Jeremy Waterfield)
e-flux Architecture (Nick Axel and Nikolaus Hirsch)

Confinement is a collaborative exhibition taking place both online at e-flux Architecture and on site at gta exhibitions, ETH Zürich. The proejct is supported by the Adrian Weiss Stiftung and the ETH Zürich Foundation.

Armature Globale
Dislocated Display Drama
Alessandro Bava and Lydia Ourahmane
Reconstituting Enclosure
Aristide Antonas
Fake Exterior Folds
Michel Kessler
Memory Wheels
Alberto Lule, Savannah Ramirez, Rosie Rios, and Nathaniel Whitfield
The University and the Prison: A Dialogue
Jack Self
Inside Outside
Sorry to inform you
Space Popular
Manuel Gnam
Lake Gullible
Pedro Pitarch
The Age of Oxymorons
Pezo von Ellrichshausen
Luna House
Samia Henni
Léopold Lambert and Roanne Moodley
On the physical violence of architecture
sub and Celeste Burlina
(no subject)
Jan de Vylder and Inge Vinck
Catherine Malabou
Life and Prison
Lydia Xynogala
Reflections from the Cave
Ilze Wolff and Anonymous
Black Peace on Earth
Design Earth
Volcano Dreams
e-flux Architecture and gta exhibitions
Confinement 21–31 11–20 1–10
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