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Can We Share a World Beyond Representation? Journal #106 February 2020
The Museum as a Cradle of Revolution Journal #106 February 2020
Desire, Pleasure, Senility, and Evolution Journal #106 February 2020
In Defense of the Poor Image Journal #10 November 2009
#100 May 2019


We Lived and Thought Like Pigs: Gilles Châtelet’s Devastating Prescience

Where is the Genie?

The Imperial Ghost in the Neoliberal Machine (Figuring the CIA)

Capitalocene, Waste, Race, and Gender

Railways Are the Future: ABTE Against Neoliberalism

What Lenin Teaches Us About Witchcraft

Game Over

#100 May 2019 We Lived and Thought... Where is the Genie? The Imperial Ghost in... Capitalocene, Waste,... Railways Are the... What Lenin Teaches Us... Game Over