November 5, 2020 - e-flux journal - as we await the election results…
November 5, 2020

e-flux journal

as we await the election results…

Gentle greetings, world. 

It is November 5th, in the year 2020. We felt like sharing some words, sounds, and visions with you to accompany you this momentous week. Below are just some of the many e-flux journal texts & issues that we're reading, seeing, and listening through today:

e-flux journal #110 (June 2020)
e-flux journal #106—“Art After Culture” (February 2020)
e-flux journal #105—“Loophole of Retreat” (edited by Tina M. Campt, Saidiya Hartman, Simone Leigh) (December 2019)
e-flux journal #100 (May 2019)
e-flux journal #99 (April 2019)
e-flux journal #78 (December 2016)
e-flux journal #76—“The Perfect Storm” (edited with Sven Lütticken) (October 2016)
e-flux journal #22—“Idiot Wind” (guest-edited by Sven Lütticken and Paul Chan) (January 2011)

A very quick gathering of individual pieces, among the many resonant ones:
Demian DinéYazhi’—An Infected Sunset (Excerpt) 
(e-flux journal #90—“Trade Markings”—April 2018 [edited by Vivian Ziherl])

Mary Walling Blackburn—Swim to Us (e-flux journal #112—“the ocean”—October 2020 [edited by Julieta Aranda and Chus Martínez; a collaboration with TBA21–Academy])

Renee Gladman—The Order of Time (e-flux journal #110—June 2020) 

Charles Mudede—White Knee, Black Neck (e-flux journal #110—June 2020)

Hito Steyerl—If You Don't Have Bread, Eat Art! Contemporary Art and Derivative Fascisms (e-flux journal #76—October 2016)

Ailton Krenak and Mauricio Mierelles—Our Worlds Are at War (e-flux journal #110—June 2020)

Wayne Koestenbaum—Lounge Act at Thek Lounge (e-flux journal #87—December 2017)

Martha Rosler and Josh Neufeld–“Food Riot? Food Riot!” (e-flux journal #110—June 2020) 

Maïte Chénière—Sonic S.cape (e-flux journal #109—“Navigation Beyond Vision Issue 2”—edited by Doreen Mende, Tom Holert, and Editors) 

Chuahtémoc Medina—A History of Infinity and Some Fresh Catastophes: On Raqs Media Collective’s The Capital of Accumulation (e-flux journal #38—October 2012) 

Christian Nyampeta—“In the Black Color of the Night”: Theology and Philosophy in Exile (e-flux journal #99—April 2019)

Franco “Bifo” Berardi—The American Abyss (e-flux journal #111—September 2020)

Coco Fusco—Editorial—“Cuba: The Fading of a Subcontinental Dream” (e-flux journal #68—“Cuba: The Fading of a Subcontinental Dream”—December 2015 [edited by Coco Fusco])

Brian Kuan Wood—Insurgency of Life (e-flux journal #109—May 2020)

Anton Vidokle—Art and Sovereignty (e-flux journal #106—“Art After Culture”—February 2020)

Boris Groys—Trump’s America and Playing the Victim (e-flux journal #84—September 2017) 

Jodi Dean and Kai Heron—Revolution or Ruin (e-flux journal #110—June 2020) 

Liam Gillick—A Building on 5th Avenue (e-flux journal #78—December 2016) 

Jonas Staal—Climate Propagandas (e-flux journal #108—April 2020)

iLiana Fokianaki—Redistribution via Appropriation: White(washing) Marbles (e-flux journal #91—May 2018)

Okwui Okpokwasili—of wishing and superheroes (e-flux journal #105—“The Loophole of Retreat”—edited by Tina M. Campt, Saidiya Hartman, Simone Leigh—December 2019)

e-flux journal
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